Sunday, December 6, 2015

Menu Plan for the Week

I'm going to try moving this to Sundays (although, Menu Plan Sunday really doesn't have the same ring to it ;-)), as I'm usually prepping for the week ahead on Sundays. Here's what we're planning to eat this week:

  • Sunday - Homemade pizza
  • Monday - Leftover pepper & prosciutto risotto (adults), leftover tacos (kids)
  • Tuesday - Leftover pizza
  • Wednesday - Spaghetti & meatballs
  • Thursday - Chicken & pesto pasta
  • Friday - Leftovers (whatever is in the fridge)
  • Saturday - Homemade taquitos, chips, guacamole
I'm about to go for a hike with a friend, so I should get ready! What about you? What's on your menu for the week?

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