Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekly spending roundup (11/30-12/6)

Here's how we spent our money this week:

  • Monday - No spend day
  • Tuesday
    • $34.83 - had some groceries delivered on Amazon Now, trying out there new subscription service with a special offer.
    • $511.50 - nanny
    • $477.42 - Christmas gifts
  • Wednesday - No spend day
  • Thursday - No spend day
  • Friday - No spend day
  • Saturday
    • $7.22 - produce stand
    • $3.90 - pretzel at the mall (not for me)
    • $5.64 - In & Out (again, not for me). Crazy weekend & we didn't plan well
    • $84.93 - Costco, groceries
    • $24.52 - Costco, toiletries (dishwasher tabs)
  • Sunday
    • $32.56 - Christmas gifts at the Gap
    • $22.80 - jeans for quickly growing son at the Gap
    • $111.49 - some workout/weekend wear for me, plus jeans. Jeans may go back. The Gap fitness line is my weekend wardrobe staple, but still haven't decided on the jeans
    • $-19.99 - Costco, returned a Christmas gift
    • $-10.61- returned long johns to Costco, as they didn't fit
Total spent = $1286.21

These last few weeks of the year tend to be high, but I can definitely find more ways to cut back (clothes for me, snacks/meals out, etc!)

How about you? Do you track your daily spending? How is it going as we approach the holidays?


  1. Yes, December always seems like money flies out the window. I feel grateful that I saved the Christmas money ahead of time. I used a lot of points in November to save on Groceries so will be lower in December because of that on the grocery bill. I could have cut liquor out...but what fun would that have been :)

  2. I feel like I'm spending so much on Christmas this year. I am cutting back on groceries and other household items to try to offset the expenses. Plus, I've been spending more money on myself lately.