Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weekly spending roundup (12/7-12/13) - hint: we spent a ton!

Last week's spending stressed me out! Although I knew (most of it) would be coming, it still made me queasy to make all of the payments. Also, it required me to pull from savings, which I was hoping to avoid. I was pretty realistic that I would need to, as all of our regular/yearly spending categories (i.e. Christmas, traveling, boys activities) come from savings vs our day-to-day account, but it still hurt to pull the money from our account:

  • Monday, 12/7:
    • $14.03, postage for Christmas gifts
    • $100, charitable donation at work
    • $150 - reimbursement to my sister for Christmas gifts she's purchased
    • $35 - league fee for son's indoor soccer
    • $48.70 - gas
    • $379.04 - escrow shortfall for our vacation house. Need to figure out which expense has gone up, but expect it's taxes
  • Tuesday, 12/8 - No spend day
  • Wednesday, 12/9 - No spend day
  • Thursday, 12/10
    • $765.60 - plane tickets for spring break trip (Oregon coast)
    • $500 - nanny + small nanny holiday bonus
  • Friday, 12/11
    • $149 - DMV, car tags
  • Saturday, 12/12
    • $88 - sitter for date night. Long story, but we had to go with old nanny (vs local babysitter), & she charges $22/hour. :-( Ended up doing something free, to offset the cost
    • 109.78 - Costco, weekly groceries
  • Sunday, 12/13
    • $500 - deposits for spring soccer, for two kids
    • $156 - fee for indoor soccer (separate from league fee)
    • $6.47 - produce stand
    • $25.96 - toiletries at Rite Aid
Total spent = $3017.88. Seeing it all added up is a little traumatizing, but good for getting me on track. How about you? Did you stay on track for the week?


  1. Yikes! That's an expensive week. Certain weeks are like that when you just have a ton of money leaving. Kids sports are so expensive.

    1. I know! Some weeks it's like money is just flying away! :-)

  2. Being a nanny seems like a lucrative career. Does a nanny at least spend "quality" time with the children, as opposed to a teenage babysitter just plopped on the couch watching TV while the kids entertain themselves?

    BTW I'm definitely not criticizing any parent for wanting a quality childcaregiver, safety first! (just hopeful that they are receiving quality childcare)

    1. In my experience, it goes either way. The amount we pay is on the lower bound for a qualified nanny in our area ($20-$30/hour is the range). I think it's absolute insanity. Last year we had an amazing nanny who was in a gap year before medical school. She is now in med school at Stanford, and was worth every penny we paid. Super engaged with the kids, obviously incredibly smart & able to push them with homework, etc.

      Our kids aren't allowed to watch TV at all, and no electronics. They have sports practice, and do homework after school. That said, our current nanny is definitely more of an advanced babysitter, but we've done an exhaustive search, and are just planning on holding out through the end of the school year. We've had a lot of childcare challenges this year, so just trying to get to the end without any more gaps!