Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekly spending recap, 3/21-3/27

It was a much more under control spending week, although there were a few outliers. I decided to shorten my spring break trip, as I'd be flying in from Seoul the night before. Hitting the beach with two kids & no one else to help with that kind of jet lag didn't seem like a good idea. I also was able to add a couple of days in Tokyo at the end of the trip, which will hopefully eliminating another standalone trip to APAC later in the year. It did mean that I had to book the boys in spring break camp, and pay for the change fees for our flights. (I get to change for free, as I have status on the airline). I won't have to rent a car for the trip, so that will save some. Also, I'm saving three vacation days, and won't be spending any vacation money Saturday-Wednesday. I'll still be having my girls trip with my sister & BFF, and flying the boys to see my parents. I could have skipped that part (as I already have childcare with the camp), but everyone was super excited, and I didn't want the boys to have another boring spring break. . .

Monday - no spend day
Tuesday -
  • $478 - spring break camp for the boys
  • $259 - change my spring break tickets

Wednesday - no spend day
Thursday - no spend day
Friday - super late soccer practices, so we went out $38.84 at Sweet Tomatoes
Saturday -

  • $5.50 - windshield wiper
  • $22.14 - new glasses for the kitchen
  • $10.74 - Trader Joes, stocking up on edamame
  • $130.80 - groceries at Costco
  • $51.78 - wine at Costco
Sunday - $70, one hour of swimming lessons for both boys

Total spend = $1066.80, most of which was for the spring break adjustments. And, that's it! How about your? How was your week? We avoided going to breakfast on Sunday, or buying anything special for breakfast, but did splash out & buy a nice wine & filet mignon for dinner.

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