Monday, June 13, 2016

Menu Plan Monday

One of my top tasks for the week is always planning a menu. It helps to avoid last minute scrambles & unplanned meals out. The craziness of summer has begun, so menu planning is more important than ever. Here's what we have scheduled.

Saturday (recap) - rice & persian kebabs on the grill
Sunday (recap) - Copper River salmon & rice (super pricey, early birthday gift for M) + early birthday cupcakes. Vanilla with lemon frosting & fresh berries on top.
Monday - leftover chicken risotto
Tuesday - leftover rice & kebabs
Wednesday - M's birthday. Dinner out with the kids.
Thursday - tacos, chips & guacamole
Friday - flying to Portland for my Mom's retirement party + a huge mountain biking event & leaving the kids with my parents
Saturday - dinner at my parents
Sunday - celebrating Father's Day with M in Monterey. Dinner out

And, that's all, folks. What about you? What's on your menu for the week?


  1. I love how you plan on leftovers as part of your meal plan. I seem to only eat them for lunch or make a reformed version of whatever was left each.night.

    1. We get free lunch at work, but we used to previously pack lunches & bring dinner leftovers. It's helped to stretch our food budget quite a bit, and that's also why you generally see more dinner leftover repeats.

  2. Embarrassingly, I'm drawing a blank on our meal plan but yours sounds fantastic. I think the ground turkey will become turkey burgers since we have burger trimmings this week, and we have some roast BBQ pork to finish up from the weekend. I usually do a big veggie-turkey frittata during the week and that gives us one dinner and JuggerBaby gets 2 lunches out of that.

    I'd love your recipes for the kebabs if they're simple to make.

    1. I love the idea of a frittata during the week. Sadly, my husband is super opposed to egg based dinners, and will only eat them for breakfast. When he travels, I make a lot of "breakfast for dinner" options. :-)

      I don't think the kebabs are simple (my husband is the one who makes them), but let me ask if he has any tips to share. They are amazing!

  3. I forgot your lunch perk at work-though I should say you earn it! We'll be doing lots of salads and other easy to throw together items.

    1. The lunch perk is really great - truly. Plus lots of free fruit to snack on, which I try to take full advantage of. It's also hard to resist all of the free treats, of course. A blessing & a curse for my waist line. I always feel like salads as well during the warm weather!