Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sleepy Sunday

I'm back from Seoul. Very jet lagged, but back. I arrived on Friday afternoon, and was so happy to land in SFO. :-) I was able to upgrade to business class on the return flight (I have to fly economy on all of my international flights) & it was such an unexpected treat!

I had some fun with the boys, splashing in the fountains & celebrating the end of the school year. One is not particularly interested in having his picture taken these days. :-)

I've got a lot on my plate for today, and am still feeling the effects of jet lag, but I need to be productive. Here's what's on my list for today:

  1. Run. Seriously. I was able to do almost nothing in Seoul, so I'm not feeling good about my fitness.
  2. Make a menu
  3. Work out schedule for next week, including carpool for the boys
  4. Take Sam to a birthday party
  5. Take boys to swimming lessons
  6. Make a list for next weekend's trip. I'm flying to Portland for my mom's retirement party & to drop the boys off with my parents for a week
  7. Plan a night at a hotel on Sunday with M for Father's Day.
  8. Book a dinner reservation for Sunday
  9. Go through all nanny applications
  10. Package two eBay sales
  11. Yoga
  12. Make/decorate cupcakes for M's birthday
  13. Fill out all of the cards for upcoming activities (Father's Day - my dad & M, M's birthday, my mom's retirement)
  14. Get cash for next weekend
  15. Update work calendar & determine biking/running schedule
  16. Continue cleaning out the boys rooms. They brought home all of their "end of the school year paraphernalia" when I was out of town, and it's now all over the house. I normally don't allow much/any of that to enter our doors. ;-) 

I've had a few frugal wins this week as well:

  • Sold two items on eBay. One only sold for $2.25, but the other sold for $20.50. Woohoo!
  • Used two $15 offers for Shopping Express (local delivery service in the area) that had been lingering in my inbox, unnoticed, for a delivery of paper towels & toilet paper from Costco. It had no minimum, so I got both for just under $6. Huge win! Saved $30 total. No delivery fee.
Happy Sunday, all! What is on your list to accomplish today?


  1. Welcome back - you always seem to have so much on your plate. Take a few minutes for yourself!

    1. I went to bed really early Friday-Sunday, and also read a book for about 30 minutes on my lounge chair. It was pretty great! I like to be outside (but in the shade) when it's hot, and the temperature in the shade was perfect!

  2. You are a much better person than I am. I would sleep, and nothing else would get done or looked at until tomorrow. I hope you can find some time for yourself today, to rest and unwind. You deserve it!

    1. I could try that, but it just creates more stress because everything adds up. I got a surprising amount done,which makes the week ahead easier. I also read a book and had wine on the patio. On weekends, I find that if I go full steam until 4:00, then relax with a book & a glass of wine from 4-5, life is good. Then I start dinner & finish the evening chores. It's my normal weekend plan.