Friday, June 24, 2016

Taking advantage of the free wifi

at the airport, on my way to Portland. From there, I'll meet up with my mom & the boys & we will head to the beach house. I can't wait! Love that place. The forecast is calling for 70 & no rain on Saturday, and 72 & no rain on Sunday. Perfect!! We don't have wifi at our vacation house, so it should be moderately "screen free".

An influx of family members will be joining us on & off, and I'm really excited to spend time with the family. I also feel very lucky that I actually enjoy it, rather than considering it a burden.

In frugal news:

  • I ate leftovers out of a sack at the airport vs buying something
  • Used an Uber credit to offset $5 of my $20 ride
  • Brought the remaining produce from the fridge in my carryon, and we will use that for breakfast in the morning
  • Bought a Starbucks iced tea using a free gift card vs buying a water (I forgot my water bottle!)
I may have a glass of free wine on my flight. We shall see. 

It's been a crazy week, and now I'm on vacation for 10 days. . . bliss. 

And, view from the offsite I attended last week. A little chilly on the beach, but stunning.

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  1. I hope you went for the wine! Enjoy your vacation!! :)