Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Weekly spending recap (6/6-6/12)

I haven't done one in a few weeks, but always find it really helpful to track my daily spending & see where the money is coming & going. In the spirit of disclosure, I was traveling Sunday-Friday, so had zero personal expenses on my side. :-)

  • Monday - No spend day
  • Tuesday
    • $26.50 - dinner out for the boys. Celebrating the last day of school
  • Wednesday No spend day
  • Thursday No spend day
  • Friday
    • $94.03 - Target - camp supplies for the boys & a birthday gift.
    • $3 - parking 
  • Saturday
    • $3.87 - Costco, toilet paper. This was the balance remaining after a $15 promotional credit
    • $95 - birthday gift for M. A very fancy bottle of Scotch
    • $40.99 - coffee pods
    • $85.25 - Costco, groceries
    • $28.87 - Costco, Grand Marnier, for mixed drinks
  • Sunday
    • $2.11 - Costco, paper towels. Balance remaining after another $15 promotional credit
    • $40 - boys swimming lessons
    • $11.24 - mailing envelopes & radish seeds (x2)
    • $7.33 - produce stand for mini cucumber, the largest bag of kale I've ever seen, radishes, and green onions
    • $9.60 - Gatorade. I don't usually allow the boys to have Gatorade for soccer games & practices, but they are in a camp this week that is 6 hours/day of soccer. I'm thinking the Gatorade will be a very welcome addition to the water
    • $3.58 - ice cream after swimming lessons
    • $16.51 - more groceries at Costco. We thought they would have Copper River salmon, but alas, no. We opted for other dinner ingredients
    • $34.22 - wine stock up 
Total spent last week = $502.10. Not the best, but not the craziest either. We enter a few weeks of heavy spending between: my mom's retirement party, Father's Day (M + my dad), M's birthday, and family vacations! It's going to get crazy, so I'll need to keep all of my other expenses in check. How about you? Do you track your weekly spending? How did you do last week? 

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