Thursday, June 16, 2016

Next few weeks of menus

We have a crazy few weeks coming up, so it always makes me feel better to have a plan for which days we will be eating at home, out, on vacation, etc. It also helps to inform how many (and which) groceries we buy.

Here's my plan & tentative menu. Items that require grocery ingredients are highlighted. As you can see, we shouldn't need much over the next few weeks & the majority of my shopping will be done on the Oregon coast.

  • Thursday 6/16 - tacos (meat from freezer) + chips & guacamole
  • Friday 6/17 - flying to Portland (me + boys). Dinner at the airport. M will eat leftover rice & kebabs.
  • Saturday 6/18 - Dinner with my parents at my mom's surprise retirement party 
  • Sunday 6/19 - Father's Day! M & I will be sans kids, so we are going out to dinner. Woohoo!
  • Monday 6/20 - I'll be at a team offsite - dinner included. M will likely eat at work
  • Tuesday 6/21 - I'll be coming home late from the team offsite, so I'll defrost something from the freezer. Either burgers or pizza
  • Wednesday 6/22 - date night! The kids will still be with my parents, so we will squeeze in one additional date. I may cook, or we'll go out for an inexpensive happy hour. 
  • Thursday 6/23 - M is flying to Las Vegas to meet up with my dad & his buddies. I'll defrost something from the freezer, so no groceries will be needed. I'll also freeze any remaining produce, as we will be on vacation!
  • Friday 6/24 - Flying to Portland to meet up with my mom & the boys, and heading to the coast. I'll probably bring a sandwich from work
  • Saturday 6/25 - At the beach. I'm thinking pasta & meatballs
  • Sunday 6/26 -  Homemade risotto, using chicken from the freezer
  • Monday 6/27 - Freezer & pantry clean out. I'll inventory all of the items when we get there, and determine what's available for meals. We're pretty scrappy. ;-) 
  • Tuesday 6/28 - Ditto above, although if we're all out, I'll likely make tacos. A family favorite.
  • Wednesday 6/29 - Curry chicken salad + tomato basil soup
  • Thursday 6/30 - M arrives at the beach, late. I'll eat leftovers with the kids.
  • Friday 7/1 - Grilled fish & rice
  • Saturday 7/2 - Pizza with the entire family (my sister, her kids, & my parents will join up with us)
  • Sunday 7/3  - Crab cakes & caprese (adults). Kids will have hot dogs
  • Monday - 4th of July! - Grilled burgers, pasta salad & corn
  • Tuesday - 7/5 - Flying back. Will rustle up something from the freezer

How do you menu and grocery plan for crazy weeks? Any tips or tricks to share? 

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