Friday, October 7, 2016

Frugal Friday

It's Friday. Hurrah! Crazy work week for myself & M. :-) I'm still recovering from jet lag. It's taken so long that I feel like I must have a small cold/flu.

Before I get into the frugal stuff, can anyone explain how I can update my blog photo? The one of the beach? I have a nice updated Hawaii one that we took on our trip last year, but blogger is confusing me.

It wasn't a particularly frugal week, but a few things anyway:

  1. Changed hotel locations. Still nice, but we wanted to try somewhere we hadn't been to before (together, at least). More details on the location & activities to come! Also, our revised hotel is much cheaper, and comes with a free breakfast/day & a $100/night credit.
  2. Bought very inexpensive tickets for my parents trip to visit. $150/each, which is about $75/each less than an average ticket.
  3. Made dinner every night this week, even though I was light on plans. ;-)
  4. Used up a bunch of freezer items, including: naan bread (pizzas & gyros from them), the last of the taco meat, the remaining edamame, etc. I'm working towards a freezer clean out, so it's nice to trim back what we have. We are also having pizza from the freezer tonight. (Leftovers, to use up more of what lingers!)
  5. Filled out my expense reports in record time, as I had a few big charges on my personal card. (My choice, as I get hotel points & have a credit card through the same hotel). 
And, that's it for me. We have a standard weekend, full of soccer & kid activities. I'm going to try & squeeze in some rest, as I clearly need it. What about you? What frugal activities have you managed this week? 


  1. As soon as my 50 buck a week challenge is over, I am going to start cooking form the freezer. I am very overstocked, plus I need some room for the upcoming turkey sales

  2. Skipped brewery beers before movie screening. Nothing looked appealing and at $8 a beer I wanted to enjoy. Not much else frugal though.