Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekly spending report - 9/26-10/2

I was traveling for part of this time, so I've tried to cobble together the numbers from the credit card statement & miscellaneous receipts M left me with. :-)

  • Monday, 9/26
  • Tuesday, 9/27
    • $15 - hair cut for M
  • Wednesday, 9/28
  • Thursday, 9/29
    • $14.13 - gift for a birthday party Nick attended
    • $22.15 - Sweet Tomatoes 
    • $27.75 - Costco. No idea what this was for, as I wasn't around. 
  • Friday, 9/30
    • $7.75 - ice cream for myself & Sam. "Date night" with my eldest :-)
  • Saturday, 10/1
    • $14.50 - fines at the library. This is what happens when I'm not home & no one corrals the kids books. 
    • $9.97 - impulse stop at Trader Joes. Sam was sick, so I picked up a few things to make him soup, bread, etc.
    • $75.63 - Costco
  • Sunday, 10/2
    • $58.48 - gas for two cars

Total spent = $240.36 - I'll take it! A very low spend week for us. Yeah!!! I'm about to make a bunch of travel purchases, which will drive the cost way up for next week, so it's nice to have a low week on the books first. :-)

How about you? How did you do with your weekly spending? 


  1. So funny, I do that with hubby's cc too so I can figure out our monthly budget totals. I did ok this week for spending (or not spending as seems to be the theme of the day). Since I have paid for our tickets to Greece all non-necessary spending has come to a halt in an effort to save as much as possible towards that. So much easier when you have a cool goal (albeit 8 months away) to work towards.

    1. Super excited for you on the Greece trip! Definitely on my bucket list. And yes, much, much easier to work toward a goal when there is a fun event at the end. We impulsively decided to book a trip at the end of October (my parents were free to watch the kids, flights were cheap), so now i'm looking into a trip to Santa Barbara - excited & hopefully it will have the same impact on my spending. ;-)

  2. You did pretty well figuring it out. Someone would have gotten in trouble for the late fees at our house. ;p When our kids were little, I often thought that I was thinking for all of us.
    Thank you so much for the kind and uplifting words on my blog. It helped. I know I sounded bratty and spoiled but it is a train-wreck in the room and I didn't know how to fix it. Sleep helped immensely. We have a rough plan and are going to sell our junk bedroom furniture and buy something small for DJ's room. Or so I hope. Perhaps we will just drink mimosas like you suggested. Perhaps you should be our boss on the next project.