Sunday, October 16, 2016

Menu plan Sunday

I  made an amazing (and, complicated) Persian dish last night & it turned out very well. It's one of M's favorites & given my track record with Persian recipes in the past, I'm very pleased. ;-) I'll definitely be checking out her site for more recipes. Yum! Also, if you end up making, you must serve it with a yogurt/cucumber/dill sauce. The recipe didn't mention it, but you need the contrast for the main course.

Anyway, we are entering into the week with some leftovers, so here's what's on the menu:

Sunday - individual naan pizzas
Monday - leftover lubia polo (recipe from yesterday)
Tuesday - chicken risotto (leftover)
Wednesday - needs to be something quick, as I have parent meeting at the school. I think we'll still have leftover lubia polo. I cut the recipe in half & it made a TON!
Thursday - tacos (meat & spicy beans from the freezer) with chips & guacamole
Friday - chicken with stuffing

Other than that, it's a normal day of chores, soccer (in the rain) & getting things done before the week begins again. Any good recipes to recommend? I'm in a bit of a rut.


  1. There is a new Persian restaurant about 1/2 mile form my house. It has only been opened 4 weeks and I think I have either eaten there or done take out 5 times now. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I am exploring some of those fantastic flavors in my cooking now. I am not sure it will ever top my love of Cuban food, but it is a dang close second!

    1. Yum! What are your favorite dishes? I like anything with a tadiq (rice crust). YUM. When my mother in law lived with us in the summer (a few years ago), it was amazing. So many good dishes!

  2. Anything with naan bread is my favorite! We go boxed Indian mixes from Aldi and I have to say they are really good. We tried a few recipes and it was a disaster.

    1. Naan is so easy - love it. I also like that you can make a variety of topping options easily. I've never tried my hand at Indian cooking. I'd prefer to go out. At least with Persian food, I have a resident expert that I can ask if things go sideways. ;-)

  3. We've been trying the jarred simmer sauces from Trader Joe's and they're surprisingly good! And we too have an obsession with naan here :)

    When I can scrape together two minutes, I'll be posting recipes on some Fridays to share, if you still need ideas at that point!

  4. Not sure why I can't reply to your comment, Revanche, but I will check out the jarred simmer sauces - those sound great & we go to Trader Joes pretty frequently. Yes, please post recipes! :-)