Saturday, November 5, 2016

A quiet Saturday

Finally! They actually happen! :-) Well, to be honest, M took Nick to Sacramento for an overnight soccer tournament. Sam was supposed to have a game today & tomorrow, but his game for today got cancelled. Leaving the two of us with no scheduled activities. Bliss! Here's what we've been up to & what's on the list:

  1. 45 minute walk (am)
  2. Yoga
  3. Make a Costco list
  4. Costco
  5. Produce stand
  6. Lucky
  7. Make pasta sauce (from super cheap produce stand tomatoes - $.39/pound!)
  8. Cut up Halloween pumpkins & clean them - Sam loved this chore! :-) 
  9. Roast pumpkins
  10. Bake pumpkin seeds
  11. Vaccum 
  12. Dust
  13. Clean bathrooms
  14. Clean the kitchen
  15. Make cranberry muffins
  16. Pack food/snacks for M & Nick
  17. Pack for Nick
  18. Make a birthday card for my mom
  19. And, a birthday card for my step grandfather
  20. Pick persimmons
  21. Go on a second walk with Sam
  22. Play games! :-)
  23. Make dinner
  24. Email our nanny with all of our holiday plans/dates
  25. Check in with Sam's teacher (via email)

We've had a really nice day, found a bunch of ski stuff we needed at Costco, and Sam asked for lunch out at In & Out. We had lunch for $7 for the two of us, so I'll call it a win.

We are also going to watch Karate Kid, have leftover ice cream (we never keep treats at our house, but this is leftover from my parents visit), and play games this evening.

What are you up to this Saturday? How do you spend an unscheduled day? I LOVE getting things done, & taking time to work in the house/kitchen, as I normally can't squeeze in too much between activities.

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