Monday, November 14, 2016

So, this happened this weekend

Photos removed, because people are assholes & want to troll about the election in a post about my kids.

Nick's soccer team took second place in their division for northern California's state soccer cup. He was pretty excited. ;-)

The amazing part is that his team had a terrible season in the spring (lost every game), so the fact that they made it to the state cup, and then went on to the finals a season later, was pretty incredible. Lots of life lessons about perseverance, and giving 100%. Nick is the team captain, and learned a lot about leadership this season. Soccer is a giant time (and financial) commitment, but I'm so happy the boys are getting this opportunity.

It wasn't all sunshine & roses. Sam's team had a really hard go at state cup. They too fought back against some very tough competition on Saturday night (with Nick playing as well), and watching the team come back from a big loss to tie things up made me so happy. Again, a reminder to never give up. It was a little emotional to watch a gorgeous sunset & watch both of the boys come out & play with their best effort, despite the earlier challenges in the game. So proud of them.

And, it was an unusual spending week, of course, with the hotel stay & everything else. Here's how it went down.

  • Monday - no spend day
  • Tuesday - no spend day
  • Wednesday - no spend day
  • Thursday:
    • $1500 - charitable donations
    • $40 - class gift for one child
    • $40 - class gift for another child
    • $275 - nanny 
  • Friday
    • $95 - camp (school was closed in honor of Veteran's Day)
    • $145.51 - Costco
  • Saturday
    • $105.77 - dinner out after soccer
    • $47.95 - gas
  • Sunday
    • $163.08 - hotel for soccer weekend
    • $44.82 - lunch at Panera for 4 (leftovers served as dinner on the car ride home)
    • $30 - coach & team manager gift for soccer
    • $7.98 - picking up cucumber at Costco 
    • -$19.98 - returned two ski items I purchased at Costco, but discovered we had at home
    • -$19.05 - returned the foil I bought at Costco, as they are running it on sale this week 
Total spend for the week = $2456.08. Removing the charitable gifts, and you get a more reasonable (but still super expensive!) $956.08. Soccer hotel weekends are now complete. :-) 

What about you? How did you do this weekend?


  1. Good for your kids. Unless they will make their living, or college scholarships are on the line, it really really doesn't matter what the final score is, but to do more than just try, but fight to the end, is what sports should be about. My daughter is always on a team that does poorly in soccer, but when they can play spoiler, and snatch a win away, or even a tie to a team that clearly has more athletic ability, it is like winning the FIFA cup to them.

  2. The photo of your son is adorable! Congrats to both boys for finishing their respective seasons! Congratulations to you for a little break from travel ball.
    All my sons played various sports with every type of season imaginable. There are as many lessons to be learned from both winning and losing with grace as there are about never quitting and being a team player. Life skills develop through play! Now you can get ready for your next adventures, until soccer starts again!

  3. Good for both of them! Soccer is expensive but - something they will always remember as adults (unlike expensive kids birthday parties). Also gives them a lot of good skills to take into life.

  4. Just read your other post, and am sickened that you were treated this way, and no wonder you pulled it down.