Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekly spending roundup - 10/31-11/6/16

This week had M at a soccer tournament with Nick in Sacramento (involving a hotel stay & meals out), as well as a plethora of standard expenses, and registration for two camps over the holidays. Here's what we spent!

  • Monday - (10/31)
    • $20 on my son's lunch money account. He's allowed to buy 1x/month, but somehow I get the feeling a few random purchases are sneaking on here. ;-)
  • Tuesday - (11/1) - no spend day
  • Wednesday - (11/2)  - no spend day
  • Thursday - (11/3)  - no spend day
  • Friday - (11/4)
    • $570 - camp for the boys for four days over winter break
    • $396 - camp for the boys for two days over Thanksgiving break
    • $9.47 - Trader Joes, supplies for sandwiches for M to take to the soccer tournament. 
    • $14.99 - the library lost a book that I turned in, and after a few investigations & not finding it, I had to pay. Considering this part of my library tax. ;-)
    • $2.99 - let the kids rent Karate Kid off of Amazon as a reward
  • Saturday - (11/5)
    • $84.92 - ski stuff (base layers for the kids & me, gloves for both kids & one ski jacket). I did go home & come through the old ski stuff, and it looks like we have right sized base layers for the kids, so two items will go back. Yeah for frugal organization! 
    • $15.99 - two giant rolls of foil at Costco. I see they will be on sale next week, so I will probably take these back & then rebuy at the lower price.
    • $9 - tooth fairy $, plus a few dollars to my son who helped me out with a great deal of "above & beyond" cleaning this weekend. 
    • $2.38 - snack sized baggies at Lucky
    • $149.23 - hotel stay for Nick & M
    • $7.61 - treated Sam to lunch out at In & Out
    • $125.81 - groceries at Costco
    • $4.99 - ham for lunches at Lucky. Forgot to pick it up at Costco, and refused to make a second trip. Costco on the weekends is chaos!
    • $9.33 - the produce stand. Bought extra tomatoes & made fresh tomato sauce (freezer), mini cucumbers, big cucumbers for salad, lavosh bread & radishes
    • $17.26 - lunch out for Nick/M at the tournament
    • $30.87 - dinner out for Nick/M at the tournament
    • $52.97 - gas
    • -$2.66 - Amex rebate for the gas purchase
    • $3.99 - Amazon movie rental
  • Sunday - 
    • $40 - ski bibs for two kids
    • $50 - gift for my mom's birthday
    • $5.07 - back to Lucky. Yes, this is by far the most I've gone to the grocery store/food shopping in a long time. I blame bad planning. 
    • $51.84 - state cup jersey for Nick
Total spent = $1672.32. Phew! A very expensive week, particularly the child care for November/December when school is out. What about you? How did you do with your weekly spending? 


  1. Spent more than I planned at sisters weekend, but found two pairs of heavy duty leggings and a sweater/shawl like I've been keeping my eyes out for.While trendy, I got very basic black and white and as I was never one to put trends aside if it is a style I like(I've worn dresses for 20 years if a basic staple and if it fits.) Leggings or tights under dresses are a necessity and mine are in rough shape and needed replacing. But I brought leftover beer and bypassed buying more wine at the wineries, so that was good, plus we camped at my sisters instead of a hotel as she had room to spare-saved dinner out too as we just ended up getting an assortment of Papa Murphy's.

  2. With everything considered, it's not too bad. when I worked at the library, if anyone said they turned it in and I couldn't find it after a thorough search, I'd call it missing and not charge the patron. Maybe it's different in San Jose where they have a huge circulation and probably bigger issues.

  3. I work in a library too, and if someone says they have returned a book and we can't find it, we mark it as "reported returned" and take it off the person's record. But if the person has a bunch of RRs (about 5) we do get suspicious and they may get cut off! Meanwhile the book gets add to a list and we look for it several times before giving up. You were very laissez-faire about paying for your book :)