Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekly spending roundup (11/14-11/20/16)

Another expensive week, but I'm expecting a refund of one night's hotel stay in Hawaii + reducing the rental car one night. That should drop the cost by $600. Details on that in my next frugal post. Woohoo!

Note that I ran *a lot* of errands over the weekend, in anticipation of our trip!

  • Monday (11/14) - no spend day
  • Tuesday (11/15) no spend day
  • Wednesday (11/16)
    • $300 - donation to school science camp overnight trip
    • $506.51 - registration & uniform fees for flag football for two kids
    • $97.50 - registration for futsal
  • Thursday (11/17)
  • Friday (11/18)
  • Saturday (11/19)
    • $23.21 - pool ball for Hawaii
    • $58.22 - Christmas gifts for the kids. Four soccer balls, & origami paper. I had a $50 gift card to offset the cost for the rest. I bought nicer soccer balls this time around, as we're going through at least two a season. Hopefully these will last longer?
    • $50 - gift cards for my aunt. She's disabled & I know that she's struggled financially since my grandmother passed away. She works as a dishwasher, but her hours vary. I'm going to try & ramp up my gifting to her. 
    • $36 - a pedicure for Hawaii
    • $53.73 - a ski jacket for Nick, and socks for M
    • $15.99 - two giant rolls of foil (Costco)
    • $27.22 - Crocs for Sam
    • $19.23 - Rite Aid. This was Dryel, a small mouthwash for our trip, and something else that fails my memory.
    • $8.67 - Lucky, for a small container of olive oil (for Hawaii) + risotto
    • $.69 - Lucky, to use a $10 coupon. I stocked up on macaroni & cheese, this was the difference.
    • $4.42 - cucumbers & lavosh at the produce stand
    • $63.97 - groceries at Costco
    • $35.98 - wine at Costco
    • $32.72 - dinner delivery. Frugal fail. I'll include details in my frugal round up :-) 
  • Sunday (11/20)
    • $21.74 - two sports umbrellas for watching rainy soccer games
    • $19.17 - Round Table pizza (Nick's soccer pizza party)
    • $7.61 - In & Out - lunch for Sam & Michael
    • $18.98 - coffee & cucumbers from Costco

Total spend = $1401.53. $900 of that to kid stuff (school field trip + futsal + flag football). What about you? How did you do with your weekly spending? 


  1. You definitely deserve your Hawaii break, I hope you guys have a wonderful time! Nothing like getting the toes in the sand (except it might damage your pedicure lol)

    1. Always a risk! ;-) Can't wait. So very excited to spend time together & relax. Perfect way to be thankful for my family.

  2. The kid stuff is what always gets us too. Every week YaYu comes home with some form, etc. that seems to require money for something she's involved in. $$$ every month.

    The weather looks OK here this week - hope it's the same for you all on Maui! Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Oh my goodness, I know! The kids didn't have school today or yesterday, & I'm working. So, that was expensive for camp. We have a few days like that in December. I tend to block out all of those days when there is no school & I have to pay for camps.

      Can't wait! Thanks - hope the weather is fabulous & that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

  3. Have a wonderful Hawaiian adventure and understand a lot of us are jealous!

    1. Thank you! :-) It's the one week where I'm not on call between now & mid-January, so I plan to live it up & relax fully. Looking very forward to it.