Saturday, March 25, 2017

Back to menu planning

It's been a wild time here, between the move & my trip the week before that. As a result, we're out of freezer meals & starting from scratch on the menu planning.

Here's what we're making for dinner this week!

  • Friday - Oven baked chicken risotto
  • Saturday - date night. Mac & cheese + dino nuggets for the kids
  • Sunday - lubia polo
  • Monday - leftover risotto
  • Tuesday - tacos 
  • Wednesday - something quick, as we have a Boy Scouts meeting in the evening. freezer options. Grilled chicken, samosas, & gyozas. 
  • Thursday - leftover lubia polo 
  • Friday - homemade pizza

For the rest of the day, I have a lot that I'd like to get done (as usual, plus new household tasks to help us get unpacked). Here goes!

  1. Make a shopping list for the week
  2. Costco
  3. Produce stand
  4. Take Sam to the Boy Scout store to buy his uniform
  5. Take Nick to a soccer scrimmage
  6. Take Sam to his Boy Scout camp out
  7. Clean all shelves (they have a thick coating of dust from our flooring installation), so that M can install the DVD player & remaining electronics
  8. Organize my closet
  9. Call Comcast about an extra modem we need to return
  10. Go to the library to return overdue books
  11. Go for a run
  12. Track down tax ID numbers for two summer camps the boys attended
  13. Time permitting, register the boys for the remaining summer camps
  14. Work on our budget
  15. Go on a date with M (woohoo!!!)
I will be thrilled if I get everything done today. What about you? What's on your menu this week? And, any big projects on the schedule for today?


  1. I bet the cost of dino nuggest has skyrocketed since they are extinct and all.... ;-)

    1. A kid favorite. Nothing like a good dino nugget to solve all world problems. It's a special treat for when they have a sitter, and they love it.

  2. Watch for my post tomorrow-I'm on a week of austerity budget planning as I am so close to reaching my target spending goal on house and grocery needs. We do though have a planned night out (entertainment budget) with friends.Otherwise, today is laundry, cleaning, and if rain holds out, a nice long walk.

    1. I'm loving reading your strict budget. It's always so much fun to watch someone else do it vs yourself. ;-)

  3. I need to find that oven risotto recipe again! I have some things to get rid of! I cannot wait to actually start menu planning again. We really have to with the limited space we will be in. It is paramount!

    1. It's delicious! And, here you go -