Friday, March 17, 2017

Frugal Friday + an update

Thanks so much for all of your feedback & support on my last post.

To answer some of the questions:

  • M has an extended period of time to find a new role within the company. 
  • He's still currently working in his old role. It's performance management time at work, so he's working through that process, as well as helping his team with resume reviews, mock interviews, and sourcing roles.
  • He's had multiple interviews, both internally & externally. He's kind of leaning towards an external job, but doesn't yet have a formal offer. If/when the time comes, it will be a big decision, as he has a great deal of equity in our existing company.
  • We still need a nanny due to the above. He's never been busier, between the house projects (many of which he's completing himself, working, & interviewing).

And, on the frugality side, we've been too busy to spend any money, with the exception of house/moving stuff. I haven't done a good job of keeping track this week, but here goes:

  • Made the most of freezer meals all week, given I hadn't been home in two weekends to prepare meals.
  • We did eat out yesterday (late, late day), and today is a planned day out (Nick's birthday!)
  • I'm cleaning our new house today after work (lots of dust, dirt & grime after all of the construction), rather than using a service.
  • I filed my expense reports from my Tokyo/London trip promptly, to get back some of the charges that were on my own dime. 
  • Kept Nick's birthday low key. He's invited to two big parties this weekend, but once we're moved in, he will have a sleepover at the new house, with friends. He also received gifts today: a gift certificate for an art class, a used telescope, and a new book from his brother. He was thrilled. I will also bring cupcakes to his soccer game tomorrow, and we will go out to dinner tonight to celebrate.

And, that's it from our side! 10 years ago today, I was at the hospital, getting ready to have my baby. What an exciting moment in life! And, how quickly it's gone. :-) What about you? What frugal things have you done this week? 


  1. I posted on on stupid expensive drain clog repair, so frugal will be continuing to scrape together meals from what is on hand, foregoing an evening out, but that is fine as my older daughter is home for a couple days, and we have to pick the other one up.Netflix will be my entertainment this weekend.

  2. I am really glad your hubby has options both internally and externally :) I am sure it will all work out. I spent some good money on eating out with a friend I haven't seen in a long time. We were celebrating her starting a new business so she is trying to save money so she can exit her job so I treated her. I am also seeing another friend I haven't seen in a year for lunch next week so our eating out costs will be higher! Hubby will eat out on business but the client picks up that cost next week so might be a cheaper grocery week, for sure.

  3. Phew! Still so much going on...Frugal for me was a trip to London for the weekend. I have free train passes so didn't have to pay for the travel up or back; my sister got the use of a two-bed flat for a week, so I didn't spend any money on accomm. I had £60 saved, so I took that and spent that for our 'fun' stuff - technically not that frugal of a weekend, but I didn't use my credit card or any money directly out of my account, so I do consider it a win more or less, as London is expensive. xx