Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Menu plan for the week, & utter chaos

It's a little hard to articulate exactly why the past few months have felt so challenging, but when I look back. . .there's been A LOT going on.

  • We decided to move back to Washington, & I was going to leave my job
  • We changed our minds, & bought a house
  • The house caused a LOT of stress on the financing side
  • I decided I had to stay at my job, at least for the next year.
  • We've had a terrible, unreliable nanny
  • My job has been in the process of a giant reorg, in addition to the normal stress 
  • M got laid off. The week after we bought the house
  • We have been doing a ton of work in the house, before we move in. M is at the house every waking moment.
  • The flooring in the new house was a disaster, & we've had to postpone the move, plus add in another $8K to get it fixed
  • We've had to fit showings for the house into our schedule, and keep it clean
  • Packing/moving (official move now rescheduled for next week)
  • I'm in the process of finding a new job. Interviewed & didn't get the first one. Still TBD as whether I will stay on my team.
  • I had an 8 day business trip in between all of this
It's been just a lot. I can tell that I'm always at the end of my rope, and don't have enough time to see M. He's literally always at the other house, working. I'm so happy that, in another week or so, we will be moved in & I will be seeing him regularly again. And, that we can finally stop having our belongings half packed. Because, that's getting old too.

In good news, I found another nanny! HE (yes, a he! Came highly recommended from a friend) starts next Monday. So, I only have to get through this last week without a nanny. Hallelujah. 

Menu planning has been chaos, so here goes for the week ahead. It's the random assortment of freezer meals week ahead, given my traveling & the move. 

Menu plan

  • Sunday - kebabs & lubia polo (freezer) + greek yogurt sauce
  • Monday - chicken (freezer) + leftover alfredo (adults) & pasta (kids)
  • Tuesday - potato soup & homemade rolls (adults) + pasta/chicken (kids)
  • Wednesday - chicken (freezer) + cheese tortellini
  • Thursday - A variety of stuff from the freezer: gyozas, samosas, and grilled chicken
  • Friday - Nick's birthday - we will go out to Greek food
  • Saturday - homemade pizza
  • Sunday - Something cobbled together from the freezer, because we are moving on Monday!

In an effort to hold onto my sanity, I went to the gym early this morning & got on the treadmill. It really helped. Now, to find time to carve out like that more regularly. Fingers crossed for a positive remainder of the week! What about you? Tell me one thing that's stressing you out this week!


  1. Last round of home upheaval here, as a remodel of my spouse's home office gets underway. This is project #5 in six months, and once it's completed next week, we will be done with tradespeople for the foreseeable future - hooray!

    Over the holidays it was chaos here as we had multiple projects underway. On the days I felt I couldn't breathe, I forced myself to narrow life to just that day, not tomorrow or next week. 'I can make it through today, that's all I need to worry about,' I told myself. It did help. Alot. Hang in there . . . the end is in sight.

    1. I just reread this and saw mention of M's job status. Oh you poor guys - I know the Silicon Valley is ridiculously robust, job wise, and that his lay off will be teeny tiny I'm sure, but still . . . stress upon stress! Sending positive thoughts by the buckets.

  2. Oh my, what a week of the unexpected.I hope M at least got a severance package. You seem to be holding it together. I'd be a heap on the floor with a bottle of wine( at least for a bit). Well. it can only go up from here, hang in there. At least we're finally get some beautiful spring weather:)

  3. Oh my goodness, after reading this post I realize I have absolutely nothing in my life right now to cause me stress!
    Wishing you some peaceful times when the move is done! One of my sons had a summer job for 2 years as a "sitter" for 2 boys who were about your sons ages. It was one of the best experiences he ever had, and every time I run into anyone in their family they always talk about what a fantastic decision it was to hire Son3. Guys just understand the demands of "boy" life, and how important games, practices etc, are to active guys.

  4. You have so much going on. I'm sorry to hear that M was laid off. I hope he is able to find something soon.

  5. Look, I'm praying for you and M. Sending all good wishes.

  6. Oh my heart goes out to you! I know exactly the stress minus a lay off. Living in between is extremely hard. One more week - that is what I keep saying to myself as well!

  7. I'm so sorry.....Rooting for you and your family, hang in there. If it makes you feel better we got a HUGE tax bill estimate the week our HUGE, major house renovations started.. huge, huge bills...... after just relo'ing to a super high COL area. Your stress puts ours in perspective, but to the treadmill and bike I turned as well. Best wishes in the job hunts.

  8. M got laid off the week after you bought the house?!? What kind of hell have you been living through! I am just shocked you are holding it together at all. Hugs!

  9. Oh my. This sounds like the plot to a TV drama, not real life. So sorry to hear about M being laid off. I don't care what's going on, that's never good. I am thinking good thoughts that a new position, a better position will come along soon . . . for both of you. ((((Hugs))))

  10. Oh, so sorry. I missed, or maybe first post, about M. I understand the stress and sending good thoughts, though not much help. Stay healthy and give yourself rest.

  11. Why do you need a nanny when M is laid off? I do not mean this in a bad way, just curious why he can't do those duties until he resumes working again?

  12. So sorry you are dealing with all this stress. Sending good thoughts and prayers that M gets another position soon and that your move goes smoothly!

  13. Wow! :( I think I would be paralyzed with stress if I had all that going on in my life. What bad timing with M's job ... hope he finds (or has found) something new quickly. Hopefully things settle down and you are sipping cocktails, watching your boys play & relaxing in your new backyard by the time summer rolls around.

  14. Just catching up on your blog and am shocked! I am so very sorry that everything has been turned upside down for you and M! Here's to hoping he finds a better job fast! I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts!