Monday, March 20, 2017

It's Moving Day + a house picture

When we moved to California (way back in August of 2013), we moved into a rental property. It served us extremely well, and we've been lucky to have such a long lease in such a fabulous neighborhood. We had a great landlord (next door), who was the perfect blend of available, but not nosy. Loved their family. We will miss our little cul de sac, and are looking forward to new adventures in our own place!

I can't believe it, but moving day has arrived! Michael & I moved pretty much everything but the heavy furniture over the weekend. The new house is in chaos (stuff everywhere), and movers are coming bright & early this morning to start the final process of moving the furniture.

I'm super excited to get everything sorted out, put away, organized & cleaned in the new house. It will be at least a month before I can convincingly say that we are "officially" moved in, but if nothing else, every belonging will be somewhere in the new house by the end of today. Now, we may not be able to find it, but everything will be there!

Also, I feel compelled to add that the pool is the star feature of this house. I'll add lots more pictures over the upcoming weeks, because this picture may give you the wrong impression about the overall state of the rest of the house. So, like every good social media picture, keep in mind that this one is the house "at its best". ;-) But, by far the best part of the house! Maybe one day, we will have enough time to sit outside & relax & enjoy.

Got to run & get breakfast for the kiddos before the movers arrive!


  1. It's beautiful - I see a lot of family time in that back yard with your kiddos....maybe a glass of wine or two :)

  2. Take time from the renovations to enjoy the best part of the house! That looks great! I know what you mean though, I have renovated almost every home I have moved into. It is in my blood now.

    The moving will be done and the living in limbo will be over though, so all good things.

  3. The real California deal! Beautiful house, stunning pool - I know you all will get loads of enjoyment from it. So happy for you (except for all the angst that goes along with a move)!

  4. Beautiful property, and oh-what-potential for you all, equity wise, if the inside needs a little updating as you've said. Enjoy getting settled in!