Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Trying to bring a little order back

Moving is one of those things that you block out (like child birth), because it's so stressful! :-) When we moved from Seattle to San Francisco, our relocation covered full packing & moving, so we definitely had less to do. For this move, other than the big pieces of furniture, we handled everything ourselves.

In addition to the logistics of the move, I'm a person who loves organization & order. Let's just say that the house is several months away from that state, and it's causing me a bit of stress. ;-) So, focusing on what I can/need to accomplish today is more helpful than spinning my wheels & not getting anything accomplished. So with that, here's my to do list for today after work:

  1. Finish filling out all Boy Scouts paperwork for Sam
  2. Call to see if I can order a night stand for our bedroom. We had to shuffle around our furniture quite a bit, & we both like having night stands. We had a dresser serving as a night stand in our other house, but this bedroom isn't big enough to accommodate.
  3. Call power company to transfer service to our landlord.
  4. Call water company to transfer service
  5. Update our budget
  6. Call about an egift card that I tried to use & wouldn't work.
  7. Call about our property taxes. I understand they are due on 4/1, but we haven't received a bill
  8. Set up a physical for Sam
  9. Return a call to my doctor about an eye appointment
  10. Bring Sam to Boy Scouts
  11. For dinner - probably leftover PF Changes from move day
  12. Fill out mandatory Boy Scouts training

If I get this done in the evening, I will be grateful for the progress & not worry about the state of my house tonight.  You can't do everything, every day! What about you? What is one thing you are hoping to accomplish today?


  1. I do not envy your getting things situated or even making a plan to organize things.
    I had plans for today but it seems Mom's freezer needs to be cleaned and it needs to be cleaned right this minute. At least according to her it does.

  2. You do an amazing amount with working full time and your family. Just give yourself some space. The organizing and such will happen. BTW, your place looks great. i love the pool.

  3. I hear you! We are the start of the move, well, move to storage. We are doing it all ourselves as well. The place where we have the storage has a moving van we can use for free.

    So, take a breath (do some yoga), all the unpacking will get done with time. I told my sister who was overwhelmed - 2 boxes a day. Just 2. She always did more though because getting over the hump of 2 boxes got her going.

    Goos fra bah!

  4. Oh, it has been 26 years since we moved and with barely nothing, still a pain. I don't envy you. Let the house gradually become your home. It will take time.