Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A no regrets summer

With school starting next week, we're at the end of what I typically consider "summer". Seasons aside, this is the end of the kids time off, and the end of no homework & soccer practice. I went into this summer with the goal of accepting changes in plans (many of which caused schedule complications) & enjoying as much time with friends & family as we possibly could.

My parents also clearly are trying to maximize their time with the boys before they are at an age when they can't be as active. They did a great deal with the kids, and I cannot express how grateful I am for all of their time, support, and many amazing activities. (Mountain biking, hiking, scavenger hunts, frisbee golf . . . you name it, they did it.)

As a recap, here's what happened this summer:

  • My parents took the boys to Disneyland, right after school was out
  • I flew in to Portland to celebrate various graduations, and drop the boys off for a big mountain biking adventure. The boys were no longer on the beginner team this year, and were thrilled.
  • Flew back to Portland a week later & spent two weeks at the beach. Various family members rotated in & out, & it was fabulous & relaxing. (Minus the flu two kids came down with on the last day).
  • Sold our rental house. :-)
  • Came back from Portland & had the flu myself, and immediately flew to Japan for a work trip. 
  • Returned from Japan (long flight, compounded by 7 hours on the tarmac) & had house guests.
  • Went to Sonoma for a girls trip
  • Had house guests again
  • Sam attended overnight Boy Scouts camp for a week
  • Had numerous pool parties, & let the boys have lots of friends over
  • Went to Las Vegas with M to celebrate his 50th birthday. SO. much fun was had. The fact that M & I still laugh constantly in each other's company is a very good sign. 
  • And finally, this week, my parents are in town to hang out with the boys during this last week of summer break. Their help is absolutely essential: my dad is supervising Sam as he practices riding his bike to middle school (complex route), they are taking the kids to soccer practice, to dentist appointments, helping them get school supplies, helping with chores, & make dinner each night. Angels!
I still have a few things coming up - my family relay in a couple of weeks, and we are all attending my aunt's wedding in September.

It was a crazy busy summer, and I do prefer a more relaxed schedule. But, I enjoyed my time with friends & family so much. I am very blessed to enjoy my family & really want to spend time with them. And, I'm grateful that everyone in my family (aunts, uncles, sister, etc) spends as much time as possible when we're in town. 

It wasn't the most frugal summer, but we did an exceptional job of cooking at home vs eating out, even with all of our guests & entertaining. I'm very proud of that effort, as it took quite a bit of planning. We are likely going to have a very different summer next year (more on that to come), but after this summer, I am reminded again of how lucky I am to enjoy spending time with the people in my life. My husband, my kids, my parents, my best friend, etc. Truly blessed. So, from here on out, 2017 is the crazy busy summer of no regrets. :-) I took (almost) every opportunity that was presented to us to spend time together, and am grateful for all of it. 

What about you? How did you spend your summer? 


  1. What a wonderful summer and looking back with no regrets is even better. Well done!

    1. It was fabulous. Busier than I typically like, but feeling so good we had so much quality time with family & friends.

  2. Sounds like a great summer. I am so jealous of your wonderful parents who are such awesome & helpful grandparents. I hope DH & I can be like that one day.

    1. They are amazing, & having my mom retire has been a huge gift. She's had so much more flexibility, and they are both so helpful & fun with the kids.

  3. We spent our summer moving into our new forever coastal home, and getting to know our new community. Coincidentally, on blogged on this same topic this morning - the summer that was and wasn't at the same time!

  4. When you can look back over a summer with no regrets, that is a great way to use the time. Your parents sure are gems, but then I bet your boys are as well and that is why they want to spend so much time with them.