Monday, August 14, 2017

The first day of school

It always represents a fresh start, fresh energy, new supplies, new friends, & a return to routine. Today we have a newly minted middle schooler (6th grade) & a 5th grader. They are both excited & nervous, but the middle schooler is particularly nervous. I'm nervous as well, as the school district does not provide transportation. This means biking across major roads to get to & from school every day. My dad took Sam on multiple practice rides last week, and we've discussed safety at great length, but . . . it's still hard to trust that everything will go well.

I finally found a great nanny, but am on my own this week (she starts next week). That means juggling the schedule to accommodate soccer & carpools, but I'm looking forward to getting the routine going, & ensuring everyone gets where they need to be every day.

We also dusted off our chore chart last night, and made adjustments to the list of responsibilities. The boys were very animated when discussing who would water our outside plants. Apparently, that is the chore that takes the longest, amongst the entire list. Who knew? ;-)

I have a variety of financial tasks to tackle this week, which should take up most of my free time. Here's what's on the list for the week:

  • Finalize all schedule details (including soccer carpools)
  • Test out our new crock pot!
  • Determine final tax numbers for our rental house sale (working with an accountant)
  • Call about a potential deck expansion at our vacation house
  • Call our primary bank about a higher yield account option
  • Investigate a back door IRA
  • A few speed workouts for my relay (in less than 2 weeks)
  • List a bunch of workout DVDs on my local Facebook sale site.
If I get those tasks done, I'll be happy! 

What about you? Do you have kids going back to school? What are you hoping to accomplish this week? 


  1. Happy first day of school. I always loved those days as a student. I do as a teacher too. I just know how super exhausted I am those first few days. We start in a couple weeks here. Can't wait to hear how your crock pot is working.

  2. That's a heck of a list! I'm a bit overwhelmed with what we've had going on so far, but this week we are (STILL) working on the house reno and prepping to sell our place. That means I'm putting together the weekly hit list of things we have to research and buy, and the appointments we have to schedule, plus getting work done, and also I should really go to the grocery store and get supplies so I can cook for the week! It'll be busy even though I'm coming into the week somewhat unprepared.

    (Could I put in a request for a comment option that's just name/URL? I often want to comment when I'm on my phone but I can't sign into my Google accounts and don't have the other commenting accounts, so I have to forego commenting.)

    1. Let me see if I can adjust! I was trying to control the crazy for a few weeks there with trolls, but will try that out & see if it works.

    2. Thanks for considering! I hate that I can't leave comments as often as I would like :)

  3. Back to school busy, I don't miss those days :) We are taking a week off work and on Wednesday driving to Ucluelet and Tofino for 4 nights in the same tiny cabin we stayed at last year - with Buddy. It is one of my (many) happy places and so we had to go back. Hopefully it will involve a bit of kayaking and hiking (at least enough to get our 10,000 steps a day in), and lots of relaxing

    1. Enjoy your time off! So well deserved, & sounds fabulous.

  4. I like the fresh start of a new school year. I've got three 16 year olds downstairs, giggling and doing snap chat app quizzes about the type of boyfriend they will end up with, so quite frankly, school can start any day instead of three weeks form now.

    1. ahhh, fondly remembering my 16 year old days. There was luckily no social media and very limited technology. Thank goodness. And yes, I'm sure you're ready for school to start again! :-)