Friday, August 4, 2017

Frugal Friday

We spent part of last week on vacation, celebrating M's 50th birthday! It wasn't terribly frugal (think: fancy dinners & hotel & champagne), but we ended up bringing more money home than we left with, thanks to M's gambling victory. So, it ended up being much more frugal than expected. :-)

  1. Made dinner the evening my mom flew in to pick up the boys, vs going out. I really, really wanted to have something delivered, as it was a crazy day. But, managed to whip up a quick dinner using what we had on hand.
  2. Kept grocery shopping to $15 this week, as the kids are out of town.
  3. Took Ubers in Las Vegas vs using the free car service. We tip with the car service, and the Uber is actually cheaper than what we would tip.
  4. M received a gift of my favorite champagne from his host. We didn't drink it on the trip, so we brought it home. It required checking a bag (which was free), but I'm sure we'll enjoy it.
  5. Took a $212 work reimbursement from my Tokyo trip, and applied it to our vacation house mortgage, as I forgot it was coming, & ran the monthly numbers without it.
  6.  Gave myself a pedicure before our vacation. I was planning to go to a salon, but ran out of time, as our house guests extended their stay.
  7. Made dinner out of the freezer last night. Leftover pad Thai from PF Changs from a few months ago. Doctored it up with sliced lime & diced cashews.
  8. Price matched our Christmas flights to Portland, and received a credit of $48.04
  9. Used mileage (and $) to offset the cost of our trip to Portland for my aunt's wedding in September. The tickets were still really expensive & we got 4 of the 5 last seats on the return flight. Yikes.
Looking forward to a frugal week ahead! What about you? Any big frugal wins?

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  1. I am forcing myself to not do take out and last minute deli runs. I am determined to make home cooked meals every night and get back on a healthier eating and spending plan. good foryou for finding the goodies in the freezer.