Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Funday

Looking very forward to picking up my parents & the boys at the airport this afternoon. I don't have a ton of time left to get things done, but here's my rough schedule:

AM (before I pick them up)
-Strength workout
-Quick pace walk
-Pick up a freebie Boy Scout shirt (details on that in Frugal Friday)

-Pick up parents/kiddos
-Make dinner
-Water plants
-Pace walk with the parents

I should be able to get all of that done, which will mean I've finished almost everything on my list, plus a few bonus items. Fingers crossed!

  1. 4 pace walks (training for my event). Two need to be long, and one short but fast. The other is somewhere in the middle. - One done
  2. Two strength training workouts - One done. 
  3. One stretching workout (likely yoga) - - done
  4. Clean the fridge - started on this, but ran out of steam. Also, forgot that I also need to clean the outside fridge, so need to add that as well. 
  5. Make 6 dozen muffins -  done
  6. Clean & organize both freezers - done
  7. Pick up a copy of our utility bill (we're having trouble with school registration due to the move, & they need a crazy amount of paperwork) - Done
  8. Go to my office & print a bank statement (because, of course our printer is out of ink!) - Done
  9. Pick up ant spray, and try to eradicate the little beasts. - Done, and looks promising. 
  10. Go to Trader Joes for frozen edamame. A healthy & filling easy snack. - Done. 
  11. Inventory the school supplies to determine what we need to buy, vs can supply from home. - Done. 
  12. Organize my filing tray. - - done
  13. Call our insurance company to determine the savings in paying our auto policy all at once (vs monthly) - Done, and realized that I could cancel our rental property insurance, and we saved $108 on the remainder of the policy! Woohoo!
  14. Make a menu - Done. 
  15. Get all paperwork prepped for a school registration visit on Monday. - Done
  16. Return a dress -  Done
  17. Check everyone in for flights -  Done
  18. Clean the house
  19. Organize the boys closets -  Done
  20. Wash all sheets/make beds -  Done
  21. Go to Costco -  Done
  22. Go to Rite Aid -  Done
  23. And, the produce stand -  Done
  24. Text a friend to understand when Sam is supposed to be at middle school, as we haven't received any information due to the registration "challenges" -  Done
  25. Organize the pantry - this one is unlikely to happen today. 
  26. Water all of the plants - Done, 2 of 3 days. 
  27. Sweep the patio Done, 2 of 3 days. 

I also discovered a few new chores along the way, as it seems always happens. 
  • Washed sleeping bags & set out to dry
  • Trimmed back the plants in the garden (unrelated to the closet clean out ;-))
  • Filled out all paperwork for Sam's orientation tomorrow

What about you? Are you having a productive weekend? What are you looking forward to on this Sunday?


  1. Please tell me that was a weeks worth of chores! I am tired just reading it!

    1. Late Friday afternoon through Sunday. I had no schedule &/or responsibility all day on Saturday, which never happens. I made the most of it!

  2. I finally got an old pile of lingering laundry folded and put away, and a little tidying up. Both hubs and daughter were under the weather, so I played a little nurse made. I should have accomplished more housework considering I have a guests tomorrow, Sluggy and Hub, so I hope they understand I am pretty fried by weekends (and a bit lazy). It was rainy today, but i got my long walk in early before the rain.

    1. It always feels good to mark something off of your list. I managed to finally get the boys closets cleaned (oh, such a dreaded chore), including their backpacks from school. So very happy it's done.