Friday, October 27, 2017

Frugal Friday

I normally do a better job of tracking these things during the week, but it's been another crazy week. Post-vacation, pre-business trip. I leave for Singapore on Sunday, and am not ready at all! But, there are a few frugal wins to be had:

  1. Cancelled the cleaning lady this week. My mom was here, and always leaves the house immaculate when she leaves. Such a gift!
  2. I found inexpensive options for the boys Halloween costumes.
  3. Packed lunch for myself on Sunday, as I knew I wouldn't have time to eat between activities. It was nothing I really wanted, but ate it anyway (leftovers). Bonus points. ;-)
  4. Updated our benefits at work, and found a few new options that seem like they will save a bit in 2018.
  5. Got a promotion & a raise. :-) My salary is about 1/2 of my overall compensation, so I won't know the bonus & stock increase for a few more months. The raise is a few hundred dollars/month more, which I'll use to increase our savings. 
  6. Made dinner at home every night this week. Even though the boys were jonesing for a meal out. I know they will eat out when I'm in Singapore (as will I), so for all of our health & our wallet, it's better to wait.
  7. Listed three items on eBay. I'm not a huge eBay fan, and find it a hassle, but discovered a pair of new black dress pants (that don't fit) when I was packing, so it was the kick start I needed to list those & a couple of other items. 

In other news, the school district had trouble processing our move paperwork, so I spent about half of my day on Monday straightening that out, leaving the work to pile up for the remainder of the week. That's now sorted, and I'm slowly working through my work before I head out. We also have a soccer tournament this weekend, which should add to the chaos. ;-) 

What about you? Anything fun on the agenda this weekend? Any big (or little) frugal wins?


  1. I have nothing scheduled Ssturdsy so an organize and vleam day. I work a fundraiser Sunday for choir. Safe travels and good frugal wins.

  2. Wow! Well, congrats on the promotion & the raise! How exciting :)

    I've had a few days off and have been doing a little bit of
    budget housekeeping, registered for a class, and have a light agenda over the next several days, which is really nice (I have a few holiday days to use up, so am doing that at the moment). My sister is visiting me for a couple of days starting Monday, and I'm back to work Tuesday.

    Safe travels! x

  3. Congrats on your raise and promotion. A few more dollars to tuck away so one day you can leave the ratrace :)

  4. I work a fundraiser Sunday for choir. Safe travels and good frugal wins.


  5. Congratulations on the raise and promotion!

    I was traveling for FinCon when this posted so didn't have a whole lot of scope for frugality other than avoiding logging into all my accounts on unsecured wifi, but I also ate relatively cheaply in Dallas.