Sunday, November 5, 2017

All the jet lag + a menu plan

I flew back from Singapore yesterday, and oh my, was it ever a long adventure. I had a 6 am flight from Singapore to Tokyo, then a three hour layover in Tokyo, followed by a flight from Tokyo to San Francisco. It was about a 30 hour travel day. I actually took a nap yesterday. I take a nap maybe once a year or so, so this was a big deal. I also managed to sleep around 11 hours last night.

I hate jet lag, and that groggy no energy feeling. It makes it hard to feel engaged with life. But, I'm back & have things to do, so . . . suck it up buttercup.

I'm working through my list of chores, including making a menu plan for the week ahead. Michael is traveling this week, so we'll be eating more freezer based meals than normal.

  • Sunday - I defrosted a chicken pasta casserole, as I'm not up to prepping an entire dinner tonight. That's what freezer meals are for!
  • Monday - we'll have leftover lasagna
  • Tuesday - If there are any other leftovers, we will have that. Otherwise, I'll make breakfast for dinner (pancakes, etc)
  • Wednesday - Soup & bread (both from freezer). There are a few soup options in the freezer, but I'm thinking potato soup is at the top of the list.
  • Thursday - baked chicken & pasta 
  • Friday - M arrives home. I'm taking the day off, as the kids have no school. I'll likely make risotto.
  • Saturday - we'll be at a soccer tournament all day, so something easy. Maybe naan bread pizzas. 
  • Sunday - I'm hoping M will make kebabs & rice.
That's it for the menu plan. I also sold three things on eBay (woohoo!), so need to get those mailed tomorrow. Everything is now wrapped & ready to go. I'll print off the labels tomorrow, and get them off in time. 

What about you? Any quick & easy (kid friendly) meals to recommend this week? 

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  1. Hope you catch up on rest and get the time thing sorted out. I hate jet lag too but am not sure how to avoid it.