Sunday, July 22, 2018

Finally found blog comments & a quick update

Oh, Blogger. . . For about the past six weeks, all of my comments have been directed to spam. I've been posting sporadically lately, so wasn't shocked that no one was commenting, but I eventually got suspicious & had a ton of comments sitting in the unpublished spam folder. No idea why they were all marked as spam. Hopefully they are all back & I've sorted it, so I can do a better job of reading & replying! It was nice to catch up with everyone via comments. :-)

The house is in WAY better condition today, after I spent a huge chunk of my day yesterday cleaning. I also feel so much better, now that the house is coming along. Here's what's on the list for today:

  • 5 mile run or pace walk, depending on whether I eat breakfast
  • Pick up a book I have on hold at the library
  • Mop the entire house. We have no carpeting, so the full house needs to be mopped 
  • Continue to look for surfaces around the house that are coated in a layer of dust. Clean.
  • List in room air conditioner for sale
  • Package shoes for return
  • Plan work week + family week
  • Plan 1/2 marathon training schedule for next week
  • Talk to our neighbors about their tree. Really dreading this one. They have a giant fir tree that is about 75% over our property. We wouldn't mind at all, but the area of our property is where our pool is at. We've had to replace the filter 3 times in 18 months, and we spend at least 90 minutes a day on top of the maintenance (sweeping, cleaning) to keep the needles out of the pool. They've indicated interest in getting rid of the tree as well, and we will offer to split the cost, but it's still an uncomfortable conversation.
  • Have the kids call my parents & catch up
  • Ensure Nick writes thank you cards for gifts he received
  • Deal with all of the ski stuff that came out of duffel bags (bags were used for camp) & then shoved into the back of the closet
  • Take the kids to a swimming party

That's it from our side! What about you? Have you ever had to have an uncomfortable neighbor conversation? What are you up to today?

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  1. Cleaning and rejuvenation weekend and it was needed!