Friday, July 27, 2018

Frugal Friday

I'm so happy it's Friday! I was expecting this week to a bit more relaxed than the last few weeks, but it was still pretty crazy. Here are a few frugal things we accomplished.

  • Ate all meals at work (free) or at home. Packed lunches for the kids. This required a real combination of items last night, but we made it work.
  • Sold our portable air conditioning unit for $230 on my work swap site. Now that we have an a/c unit installed, it was good to get this out of the house.
  • The boys are attending soccer camp this week, and it's a lot of soccer & quite hot. They wanted Gatorade to add to their water bottles, so we bought the powdered kind. Much, much, much cheaper, & allows you to control the ratio of Gatorade. I paid with the last of a gift card + loose changes from my purse.
  • Charged our electric car for free at work.
  • We also sold our sofa over the weekend ($75).
  • Applied the $305 (sofa + a/c unit) directly to our vacation house mortgage.

That's it from our side. Slow & steady progress! How about you? Any frugal wins for the week?


  1. I haven't seen powdered Gatorade in ages, but remember using that with my son for football. Having lunch provided at work would be so wonderful-as much for convenience as cost.

    1. It's a huge win to have the free lunch. I packed almost always when I worked somewhere without it, but it saves so much time!