Sunday, October 21, 2018

An anniversary cake

M & I celebrated our wedding anniversary last night (13 years!) & the kids really wanted to make us a cake. They were quite ambitious, and made the cake & frosting from scratch.

The cake had some structural issues ;-), but the flavor of the cake was incredible. The frosting didn't quite get there, and we had so many laughs last night.

I was trying to make a fun Persian dish, and M stepped in to help me, and it turned out incredibly well. We also had champagne, and just laughed in the kitchen, listening to music. Probably one of my favorite anniversaries ever.

In other news, I've been productive so far today, trying to get ahead of future meals & prep:

  • Set aside enough of the chicken rice pilaf for one dinner tomorrow, and froze the rest. It also made two lunches this week, so 3 dinners + 2 single serve lunches = 11-12 servings. Yum!
  • I shredded a brick of romano cheese, and froze in individual baggies. Cheaper & better than buying pre-shredded
  • I used the remaining ground beef from last night's recipe to prep taco meat. I ran out of taco seasoning, so improvised with my own recipe. All of that is now in the freezer for future meals.
  • I also set aside enough lubia polo (that's the Persian dish from last night) for at least 1-2 future dinners, and froze the rest.
  • I cleaned the freezer & tossed a few things that had seen better days
  • I also set out everything for dinner tonight, as timing will be tight & Sam & I will be cooking together. (That takes more time than when I'm on my own.) Pre-shredded cheese, etc. 
  • I went through the boys drawers & closets & found a bunch of stuff to donate
  • I arranged all of the carpools for the week, and managed my own work calendar to accommodate 

Feeling good about our progress today. Here's what's still left to do:
  • Mop
  • Some sort of strength training
  • Another load of laundry (after soccer)
  • Take Nick to soccer
  • Sweep the pool area
  • List a few things for sale on my neighborhood alias (stretch goal) 
  • Have the boys call my parents
  • Figure out how to do a video call with M's parents

Hope you are all having a great weekend!


  1. I love this cake. It will probably go down in your memory as your favorite cake ever!

  2. Sounds like you have it all figured out and just wait it is coming...... something to mess up the plans. hve a great week.

  3. Happy Anniversary. The cake looks yummy! My favorite cake flavor :)

    Your Persian dish sounds delicious. It reminds me of Biryani (Indian). I grew up eating lots of Indian and Middle Eastern food and love it!