Friday, October 19, 2018

Frugal Friday

Because I was out of town over the weekend, it was a bit crazier this week than I'd want it to be. Here are some of the frugal wins we had:

  • Rather than takeout on Monday, after a long cross country meet for the kids, I stopped by Trader Joes & picked up a few frozen entrees. It wasn't as cheap as making my own meal, but less than takeout. ($10 for two dinners worth)
  • My mom & dad insisted on giving me money for something that was totally unnecessary (I loaned them money for a few weeks while they were waiting for an estate to close & they wanted to pay me interest - & way too much at that). I used the money to cover a brunch on Sunday for everyone as a way to pay it forward. 
  • I used a Starbucks freebie for a drink at the airport before my flight home
  • Despite my temptation to order a snack on the plane, I remembered my half marathon goodie bag contained a small snack, & dug that out instead. 
  • M & the kids picked me up at the airport, vs taking an Uber
  • And, I received a bonus for a large project that I delivered at work ($650, after taxes). I donated $350, so two organizations could also receive the match from my employer, and then I'm putting the other $300 into the boys college accounts. 
What about you? Any frugal wins for the week? Looking forward to being home this weekend, and having the opportunity to plan out our menus for the week ahead! I always feel more ready to tackle life when I have a menu plan, and prepped food in the fridge. 


  1. Great idea for your bonus, you get a tax receipt and the charity gets double the money. I made a small donation this week - I like to do it throughout the year so it has bigger impact than once a year at the end.

    1. Definitely on the taxes! Sometimes the charities have a donor match (on top of my corporate match), so I do try to find those moments & sometimes it's a 4x donation! What a win for the charities.

  2. How sweet of you to donate a bonus.

    1. We have been so blessed in our lives, and it feels so good to give back. I read a study recently that people actually enjoy bonuses (this was a work related study) when they buy themselves an experience or donate the money. Both I've done in the past - a massage,a trip, etc.