Saturday, October 6, 2018

Enjoying Saturday

It's a lovely day today, & I've already been on a two hour hike with a friend. Combining a workout & catching up once a great kickoff to the day.

The boys should be home from running errands soon, and then I'll take Nick to a soccer game, and Sam will have another game this afternoon. Other than that, we need to clean the house, go to the produce stand & grocery store, and that's it.

I also need to make a menu plan for the week, so here's what we're thinking of. And, we've been running out of food mid week, as the kids are both playing two sports right now, so everyone is quite hungry! I need to figure out more backup options.

Friday - I made chicken risotto
Saturday - I'm making beef tacos, with enough meat to freeze (hopefully)
Sunday - Sam & I will try a new recipe - Sesame Chicken with rice
Monday - Leftover risotto
Tuesday - leftover tacos
Wednesday - leftover sesame chicken
Thursday - I'll be out of town, so the boys will likely eat out
Friday - Boys will eat burgers from the freezer

What are you up to this Saturday? The weather is supposed to be nice again all week, but I'm feeling the urge to bundle up, make soup & bake. . . it feels like fall!

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