Tuesday, November 2, 2021

October Goals Recap

October was the month of cardio fitness. I had more than double my previous high number of cardio minutes, & my highest mileage month ever, thanks to my work walking/step challenge. Other than that, it was our anniversary, we took a trip to Scottsdale, & my parents came to visit. Overall, it was a great month. 


  • Find account & financial planner - got a bunch of referrals for both, & I think we've found an accountant. I'm waiting to hear back on the cost estimate. I also found a financial planner, but discovered that we get some free services at work. I need to research that & decide if a fee based financial planner is still necessary. 
  • Track & categorize all grocery expenses - I tracked them as usual, but didn't categorize. October was not a helpful month, as we fed more people for a week, we were out of town, & my parent did the cooking while they were here. I'll keep an eye on this for the rest of the year.
  • Make $150 in side hustle - I only made $46 this month. A combo of not listing much on eBay, & pausing my listing while I was out of town. 
  • Have two dates with M - we did multiple walks, went to lunch one day & went out of town for a long weekend.
  • Set up permit appointment for Sam - he hasn't completed the "test", which I though was a few hour commitment, but is actually a 30+ hour course module
  • Decide on anniversary itinerary - yes, and we had a great time
  • Have a family adventure - M was out of town last weekend, so the boys & I did puzzles, made dinner together & had some laughs. 
  • Fast until noon 20 days - No, because I had so much cardio. I fasted 8 times.
  • Lose 2 lbs - 1.8lbs, but who's counting/ I also defintiely feel more toned, given all of the working out.
  • 1300 minutes of cardio - 3145 minutes, more than double my previous record
  • Run 25 miles - I ran 6 times, and had 300+ miles for the month, but mostly walking vs running
  • 10 strength workouts - I had 7 strength workouts
  • Meditate 12 times - I meditated 8 times
  • Continue doctors stuff for lupus & back - my back was greatly helped by the additional walking (fun discovery) & I got two massages


  • Find 30 items to give away/donate/toss - I cleaned out some paperwork, took a bunch of stuff to the shredder, gave away a few items, & sold a few things
  • Try two new recipes - I made a beef stew & a Korean beef recipe. I also tried a balsamic chicken recipe, but wasn't a fan. 
  • Write for 30 minutes - nope
  • Put out at least one Halloween decorations - we bought pumpkins, so I will count those ;-) 

That's my recap for October. Overall, I'm pleased with my progress. What about you? Did you set goals for the month? Any wins to share, or areas you will carry over to next month? 


  1. It's always encouraging to see green because it means goals met, but also yelliw- the stretch goals. I need some good goal focus in the personal front.

  2. As usual you had a great month!
    I love that you counted buying pumpkins as a Halloween decorating win. I did not decorate until about an hour before the first trick or treater. I count putting a light up plastic cauldron by the front door, putting a life size (child size) skeleton in the chair and tacking a Beware sign on the door enough.

  3. Your progress is going well. You sure put on a great many miles walking and running.

    God bless.