Thursday, September 27, 2012

For a limited time, pictures!

Wow! Things are flying by this month. I can't believe we're almost to October.

My sister & I took my mom to Las Vegas for her 60th birthday last Thursday & got home on Sunday. It was a fabulous trip & I came in roughly at my budget. I say "roughly", because we actually spent more than I had hoped, but I won a little money, which offset the other overage. We did all kinds of fabulous things like hung out at a cabana at the pool, ate amazing dinners, drank a lot of champagne, & saw Garth Brooks. I'm *not* a country music fan, but grew up in a small town & country music was king growing up there. It reminds me of my childhood, & Garth had a big CD released during my senior year in high school - just when my family purchased our first CD player. We all have great memories of some of his big songs. And honestly? He's an AMAZING performer live. The show was ridiculously expensive, but we got free second row tickets, so who could resist? :-)

Here's a picture of Garth's setup - yep, just a stool & a guitar. Picture taken from our seats.

Other financial things this week? I sold a pair of designer shoes I purchased a few years back, but never wore because they hurt my foot. They were gorgeous Christian Louboutins, & were appropriate for my old job (in fashion). They were a waste with my current job & just taking up space in my closet. I sold them on Ebay for $450, which was far more than expected. Yeah!!

I'm also accelerating my job search, as work has reached the point where the stress is affecting my mental & physical health. Time for a change.

It's almost Friday!! Yeah for Fridays. :-)


  1. WOW! Are you sure your Mum is 60? She looks great. Must be nice to have those genes in the family. We are busy planning a trip to the USA(from Australia) next Sept. with Las Vegas as one of the stops. Where did you stay? There are so many choices it's getting hard to decide. Christeen

  2. Sounds like you had a nice vacation! I would love to have seen Garth Brooks! Hope you find a new job quickly. No job is worth risking your health over.

  3. Wow you all look amazing! It sounds like a great weekend :)

  4. Pretty ladies! It sounds like a wonderful trip but I LOVE me some Vegas time and am jealous of anyone there!