Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat

Thanks to Carla for hosting!

In honor of Halloween in a few days, are the four cousins in their costumes last year. Mine are on either end. :-)

  • Reading - I'm reading a spreadsheet for work. Jealous? ;-)
  • Watching - Jungle Junction is on at the moment, but I'm working & blogging.
  • Listening to - Ditto above, although we listened to a lot of Psy, Gagnam Style this weekend. My older son is obsessed with dancing to that song.
  • Cooking/Baking - lots of meal prep this weekend. I made 4 batches of taquitos, 2 pans of chicken pastina, & a double batch of penne with pesto & butternut squash.
  • Happy you accomplished this week - So happy that we closed our case with the Department of Transportation. It wasn't the resolution we wanted, but at this point, we were a day away from being sued into complying, and it was a lose/lose situation that was hanging over our heads fo rmonths. Also, we launched our product last week, and my work was featured prominently in Times Square. ;-)
  • Looking forward to next week - Halloween. The kiddos love it!
  • Thankful for today - a safe, happy & healthy family, a new job, & an upcoming vacation.
  • Are you located in an are that's supposed to be affected by Hurricane Sandy? - no, we're on the west coast. Fingers crossed for everyone on the eastern side of the country.


  1. Oooohhh... A spreadsheet!! Soo jealous! ;) lol! Kids are cute, great costumes! Hope you have a great Halloween!! :)

  2. The kids look very cute!

  3. Adorable kiddos!
    And you have a ton on your plate! You manage doing a lot of different things very well!