Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 Goals in Review - How did I do?

There are a few days left in the year, but I'm calling it a wrap! Here's my original post on Goals for 2013, and here's how I actually did. Honestly, the year was full of lots of unexpected challenges - from my lupus diagnosis, to M's new job, to our move to California, leaving my job of 16 years, and my new job. I'm exhausted just thinking about it! All told, I think I did pretty well, but plenty of room for new goals & strategies in 2014.

  1. Lose 12 pounds, bringing my weight to 135. - I've lost 2 pounds. :-) It's been a very, very challenging year, and I normally let my workout routine go & eat too much when I'm stressed. I'm happy to be down 2 pounds, but really need to achieve 135 in 2014, due to medical issues.
  2. Track my food/exercise every day in My Fitness Pal.- Yes!!! In fact, I have lots of detailed nutritional information that I'll be sharing in a separate post, if you're interested in that kind of stuff. ;-) 
  3. Improve my fitness by doing the following: - I revised the cardio portion to 10,000 once I got my lupus diagnosis. I had a month or so where I could barely find the energy to work out.
    1. Complete 13,000 minutes of cardio - Revised goal of 10,000. I'm at 9,878, and I WILL hit this before the end of the year. :-) 
    2. Complete 100 strength workouts. - I'm at 90! It will be difficult to hit this, as I need to do a strength workout every day for the rest of the month, but I'm going to try for it. This will be yellow until I actually complete this. :-) 
    3. Complete 100 stretching workouts. - I've completed 46, so my revised goal for the year will be 50. These workouts make me feel *so* good, but they are tricky to work into my routine. 
  4. Run consistently, as measured by the following: - As above, I revised this goal after my lupus diagnosis. 
    1. Run 10 races. - I completed 4 races this year. I was hoping for 5, but I'm running the 5th on New Years Day. :-) 
    2. Run 20 miles (or more) per week. - no longer a goal.
    3. Run 1000 miles in 2013 - No longer a goal.
    4. Achieve a personal best in a half marathon. - Yes! I did this right before I got my diagnosis, which thrills me. I was able to beat myself, through sheer grit, because my energy level and overall feeling certainly wasn't helping my cause.
    5. Run a 5K, 10K, 15K, & 30K. - I completed a 5K, 10K, 5 mile trail run, & a half marathon. 
  5. Reach 50% of our boys college fund savings. - Blergh. We didn't make this a priority with the move. We're currently at 44%. :-( 
  6. Pay $50,000 of principal on our mortgages - Well, we paid off a $44,000 401K loan that was used to buy down our mortgage, but I'm not counting that here. We paid off $30,117. This is pretty good progress, given that we turned our priority to the move & saving money for a downpayment on a house here.
  7. Have one date night per month with M, & get together with two friends per month. - Yes! Although one of the months we did a few date lunches instead. 
  8. Track our spending, stick to our budget, & continue the monthly reports. - Yes! Even through the move, I tracked. 
  9. Review our charitable contributions, & increase our yearly giving by 10% - Yes! we increased our charitable contributions by 20%!!!
  10. Organize one room in our house per month. - We'll, considering we got rid of more than 1/3 of our stuff, and moved, I think I super overachieved on this goal. ;-) 
  11. Learn to bake bread. - Yes! Although, I have a breadmaker now, and tend to use that over the homemade recipe I finally mastered. 
  12. Create/finalize will & guardianship papers. - Sigh. NO. I suck at this - it's been on my goal list for years. What's holding us up? M & I can't agree on guardians.
  13. Generate $1,000 in side hustle. - Yes! I paid for my sister's flight, hotel, & our cabana rental (plus my own costs) at her 40th birthday party. I made $3,072 in extra money, and could have made more if I hadn't stopped with the move. 

And, that's it for the year! I'll do a small update on my fitness numbers, but 2013 is in the books, baby. How about you? How did you do on your 2013 goals? Looking forward to new, shiny goals in 2014!


  1. I am interested in your nutritional post - I have to lose for my health as well - docs orders. It is TOUGH for the holidays. Southern holidays are not the most nutritional.

    You really need to come to a compromise on the will/guardianship/directives paperwork. It is not forever, you will probably never need it, but it will ease your mind like you never knew was possible. The last thing you want is the court deciding what to do with your kiddos. Not trying to be pushy or invasive, but I know what it did for both my husband and I. Noone will raise your kids like you - noone. But you pick the one who will try their hardest and get them through the most difficult time of their lives. It may surprise you who you end up choosing.

  2. Awesomeness!! You did fabulous! :) I don't think I made 2013 goals for the year... guess I should check. Hahaha!!

  3. I would say you did really well but I would def take care of the guardianship papers soon!! Believe me you never know what can happen to change your life in the blink of an eye

  4. Rock, paper, scissors the guardians and get this done.

    Otherwise, you did quite well this year considering all of the extenuating circumstances!
    Good job!

  5. You had a good year. Whatever you decide for a guardian, you want yo be the one in control, not some random judge. You will also want to set up a trust in the event you both die. Just meet with an attorney and do it.

  6. Definitely more greens than reds! You did well! And I agree with the rest on the guardianship... if you can't agree, do a coin toss or anything. Just have someone at least either of you want. After all, the reason you are doing that is to make sure that if something happens, they'd be taken care of. 44% on the boys' fund is GREAT! You should at least give yourself a yellow. Good luck!

  7. Good job and very inspiring! You've had a very good year overall.

    I know from our own experience it was very hard deciding on guardianship for our daughters, but in our case it had to be done before we could adopt our girls so we couldn't procrastinate. I think the hardest part was not knowing if the person(s) we asked would agree - it's a big responsibility for them. The person we started out with when the girls were little later turned out to be someone we didn't want raising our girls if something happened to us, and we've had to find someone else. It's a tough job, but once you get it done you will feel so relieved!