Thursday, December 19, 2013

January Goals & No Spend Challenge

I've been working on my January goals,  and it will definitely take some focused effort to achieve what I'm hoping for! :-) To keep me motivated, I'm planning on joining Carla's January No Spend Challenge. 

Here are my goals for January!

  1. Lose 2 lbs.
  2. Track my calories every day in MyFitnessPal.
  3. Complete 1,000 minutes of cardio.
  4. Complete 10 strength workouts.
  5. Complete 8 stretching workouts.
  6. Find a half marathon for the spring, and start the training plan.
  7. Have one date night with M.
  8. Plan/do one social activity with friends.
  9. Save $1,000 towards our California house down payment fund.
  10. Save $500 in boys college fund.
  11. Pay $3,000 towards our mortgage(s)
  12. Talk to my parents about potentially watching the boys for a 2014 vacation.
  13. Work is very, very crazy & the schedule is not something I can handle long term with my health situation. I'm currently working 60+ hours during the week, & I'm on call every day. Every holiday. Every weekend Everything. It's way too much. I need to start figuring out a plan.

Phew! That's a lot, financially & otherwise.

And now, what cuts am I going to make to achieve my goals?

  • Trim our grocery spending down to $450
  • Trim dining out down to $75 (should just cover one date with M)
  • Spend $0 on clothes for the kids + me.
  • Spend $0 on gifts, travel, personal, health, liquor, & house categories. 


  1. Good luck on your goals! Is there anything you can negotiate with your employers to lighten your work load?

    1. I've raised this concern with my manager, & there are longer term fixes, but nothing immediate. :-(

  2. Good luck! That used to be my workload, and even without any health issues I burned out - it's too much. I hope you can find a solution.

    1. I'm exhausted - it's just not healthy & not sustainable.

  3. I hope work calms down for you soon because that sounds really rough.

  4. Great list of goals!! :) Thanks for joining in this month!

  5. Great goals. I too hope that your work life becomes more manageable. Hard to reach all your healthy goals with work taking up so much of your time.