Saturday, December 14, 2013

Focusing on the positives, after an insane week

It's a gorgeous Saturday in sunny California. Cold this morning, but clear & sunny. I had one of the most challenging work weeks of my entire career, so instead, I'm going to focus on a few things I'm happy about right now:

  1. M & I have a date tonight! We're attending a party at a winery. Fun! :-)
  2. We gave our boys their big (physically big, and their big item) gifts last night, with the lights of the tree shining in the background. We can't take the gifts on the plane, so we figured we may as well let them enjoy the gifts this weekend. They got SO excited- it was a perfect Christmas moment. The gifts were a Razor Drifter & Electric Scooter - as soon as they are assembled, I know what they'll be doing today! :-) 
  3. I mailed my holiday cards! Finally! :-)
  4. M got me two gorgeous pair of shoes for Christmas. Pics to come. 
  5. Sam made it onto a select soccer team! He's so very excited. The cost? Well, I was less excited. ;-) 
  6. I received a completely unexpected bonus at work. $6,000. The timing could not be better - after tax & other deductions, it will be around $3,000. Here's how I'm spending it:
    1. $750 for Sam's soccer (estimate).
    2. $1400 for plane tickets for the boys birthdays. We'll be flying to Portland. The boys opted not to have a party with friends here, and wanted to have the party at my parents house. The real goal of the trip is for my boys to spend time with their cousins (my nephews). They will be with their dad out of the country over the holidays, and my boys are devastated they aren't spending the holidays with their cousins. It's important for me to have them spend time together. 
    3. $400 for Great Wolf Lodge - a cousins trip during the boys birthday. It's over Valentine's Day, so my sister & I will be having a very romantic Valentine's Day together at an indoor water park, with our four boys. ;-) 
    4. Remaining money (ha ha) to savings.
What are you happy about right now? How was your week?


  1. Those are beautiful moments to offset a bad week. I hope you are having a good time right now!

    1. We had a fantastic time at the party last night - so much fun! Lots of dancing & great food.

  2. Very positive way to end a bad week! $750 for soccer - yikes! I understand the feeling. So happy to be on a great team and the opportunity to practice and play at a high level - but uggh! Cost and commitment!

    1. Oh, I know! I'm so excited for him to have the opportunity to get awesome coaching & meet new kids (moving was much harder for him than my other son), but yes! The cost! And the time commitment. Yikes.