Monday, December 9, 2013

Happy Monday!

Is that a real expression? ;-) I'm taking a cue from Carla today, & trying to focus on the positives on the week ahead. Monday is usually a turkey of a day. See picture of wild turkeys that always chase me on my runs at the nature preserve. ;-)

Two weeks from today, we're flying to Portland to see my family for the holidays, & then heading to our vacation house. Very excited about that!!

Here's my list of tasks I'm hoping to accomplish this week:

  1. Create a menu plan.
  2. Mail out all holiday cards.
  3. Wrap last few gifts.
  4. Finalize packing list for holiday trip.
  5. Book February/birthday trip.
  6. Five cardio, 5 strength, & 5 stretching workouts. This is ambitious. :-)
  7. Make a special gift/note for my husband for Christmas.
  8. Have two no spend days.
  9. Work on my patience in the evenings (not a task, so much as a reminder "goal"), and spend more time doing bonus snuggles with my boys.
  10. Work on menu for holidays (out of town items).

I think that will most definitely do it. I'm about to embark on a hugely crazy time at work (it's our busiest season anyway, and the person who does the operational side of my job is about to take an unexpected 6 week leave to care for an ill family member. I'm about to be thrown into the deep end of the pool!!! 


  1. I really like #9 on your list!:)

    1. I stole the snuggling piece from Carla. :-) The patience? Well, I'm usually so "busy" trying to get things done, that I get frustrated with little boys who have their own fun agenda in the evening. And honestly, they could teach me a little about having some fun as a family. :-)

  2. Great list and achievable as well I think!! :) It does sound like you're about to be crazy busy at work! Hope things go smoothly for you!!

  3. I have the utmost certainty that you will do wonderfully in the deep end of the pool, sometimes that is the best way to feel up to confidence level the fastest. Sounds like your December is a bit crazy like mine!