Saturday, May 3, 2014

April Goal Summary - How Did I Do?

I've got a big to do list today! I want to get things done in the kitchen (lemon bread, pesto, clean the fridge), plan our menu, get M to grill up our next freezer full of chicken, inventory both freezers, laundry, go for a run, do pilates, & maybe read a book. We also have a soccer game this evening for Sam, which should be fun. Here's hoping you have a productive day as well. And, now onto my goals!

April went by in a blur, but I'm happy to say goodbye to a very crazy month. Here were my April goals (original post here.)

  1. Lose 3 lbs. - I actually lost one pound. All things considered, I'm happy to be back on track & feeling good about my progress, slow though it may be.
  2. Track my calories every day using MyFitnessPal - Yes! I love this. I know that my average daily calories in April were 1621, so too high. 
  3. No dessert at work! For the entire month! - YES!!! So proud of this one. 
  4. Complete 1,000 minutes of cardio. - I wrapped up the month at 780 minutes. 
  5. Complete 8 strength workouts. - I completed 6. 
  6. Complete 8 stretching workouts. I'm good at getting in one workout a week (on Sundays). I need to also do one evening per week. - Nick started attending a Sunday morning soccer, which has screwed up my routine. I only did 2. :-( 
  7. Register for a half marathon, or a 15K. Start training. - Yes to both! I registered for a half in July. I'm currently working on my base mileage.
  8. Better manage my work schedule - take more breaks, work out regularly, and block out time on the calendar. - It's not perfect, but I'm making progress!
  9. Have one date night with M (should be easy - we're doing a long weekend together). - Yes!
  10. Do one social activity. - I got together with a friend for lunch, and also am planning a get together with some ladies on my street, but it hasn't worked out yet.
  11. Find a running club. - No, but I am going to try out a new local workout class with a fellow soccer mom that I've met. 
  12. Finalize tax payment plan. - Yes. Done & mailed.
  13. Stick to our budget. - Not even close!
  14. Continue exploring next career options. - I think about this often & have some ideas in mind, but nothing formalized.
  15. Make a list/plan for my trip to the beach over Memorial Day of what I want to accomplish/get rid of. It's a fun girls trip, but I plan to take full advantage of being there to go through our stuff. Minimize the pain when we actually sell. ;-) - Yes! I have a running list going. 

Okay, so that's how things played out for me. What about you? What did you accomplish in April? What was your biggest success, and what's your biggest opportunity for May?

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