Sunday, May 18, 2014

Feeling grateful

For my fabulous family, my healthy & happy boys, and that I'm healthy enough to continue challenging myself.

View from the top of my (very hilly!) 8 mile run today. If you look really closely, you can even see the water. Gorgeous, and not as hot as it has been. The first four miles were all up (the trail in view, & then all the way around the mountain). I really had to cajole myself to keep going from 3-4, and then was able to turn around & enjoy the blissful downhill. :-)

I've prepped a couple of pizzas for dinner (chicken, pesto, & fresh mozzarella for the adults, & cheese for the kids). We're off to Sam's last soccer game of the season.

Hope you are all having a fantastic day today. What's one thing you're grateful for?


  1. Today I'm grateful for my nap :) It's the little things that count, right? :) I used to think that naps are so overrated, until I became a Mom. And now they are so rare...

    1. A nap sounds fabulous!! Well deserved, I'm sure!

  2. I think i'm grateful for blog posts not aimed directly *AT* me, but definitely meant *for* me... I think i'm having an "eye opener" type of day today... :(
    Love the photo... truly beautiful1 :)