Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday plans

I'm working on my to do list for today & drinking my coffee. . . meanwhile, the boys are watching a table tennis "world cup" on youtube. .. . Ah, the things they find when you have no cable. ;-)

Here's what we have on the agenda for the day!

  1. Go to Costco & buy our supplies for the week.
  2. Sam's end of the soccer season pool party.
  3. Work on M's Father's Day & birthday gifts. Wrap, make cards, etc
  4. Use up oodles of oranges.
  5. Make cookies for kids lunches.
  6. Figure out our tax plan. The 2011 battle we've been fighting? It's over, and we owe $5600, due in 30 days. (Well, that was a few weeks ago, so two weeks). It's a long story, so if you haven't been following, M's employer at the time incorrectly classified an advance as a bonus. When he left the company, all was fine. Months later, he had to repay, which triggered a series of tax implications. The IRS refunded us the money, but then under further scrutiny & lack of supporting paperwork from M's employer. . . we have to repay the original refund plus a fee. I can't really get into how I feel about this, because it's been an incredibly frustrating process. In the end, I believe that we really owe the money, so we will pay. Also, the IRS has been investigating for over a year, and the appeal timeline is now over, so either way, we have to pay. Grimace.
  7. Update our budget. I haven't entered any credit card transactions in several weeks & I'm super far behind
  8. Recap my May goals.
  9. Set June goals!
  10. Call our yard person (Seattle house), who owes a big explanation as to why they've been paid to cover both the front & back of our house, and has only been doing the front for six months.
  11. Run 9 miles! Yikes. I need to mentally prepare for this. :-)
  12. Organize the summer camp schedule.
  13. Bake bread
That should be more than enough. Number 6 will probably take me half of the day, so my goal is to not get irritated about it. It is what it is. Deal with it & move on.

In other news, I dropped & shattered my phone, so I'm currently phoneless. It's strangely freeing. I really need a new one ASAP for work, but I'll enjoy the weekend without feeling tethered to technology :-)

What about you? What are you accomplishing this weekend?


  1. I can't believe they didn't more the back lawn of your Seattle house! Lawn service is not cheap - we had to pay on our Island home when we took possession but couldn't move in for a couple months. They always seem to do the bare minimum if you are not around. Although it sucks that you have that big of a tax bill to clear up I bet it will be nice to not have that muck hanging over your head once it is paid. Have a nice weekend! We are off to the beach, sunny times here on Vancouver Island this weekend.

  2. I don't own a cell phone and people think I'm crazy for it but life is truly more simple/ free. I hope you can get a hold of a new one quick enough but enjoy your time off from the tether :)

  3. Have you contacted a CPA regarding this tax issue? As a CPA who doesn't know the whole story, this doesn't sound like you owe the money back...