Friday, May 30, 2014

Life's a beach

I spent the long weekend at our vacation house with my sister & best friend. We had an amazing time. Both of these ladies are my BFFs. I am so grateful to have a sister who I consider a best friend.

We went to the coast to get the house ready to sell - we went through everything in the house, made huge piles for the Goodwill, cleaned, inventoried all of the furnishings (we will likely sell the house as furnished, so needed a list of everything that was excluded), and had an all around great & relaxing time.

We made sure to work out (we're all doing the relay together in the summer), so we did lots of walks/runs. We actually covered 20 miles in three days! We drank wine, laughed, had plank competitions (who could hold their plank for the longest), played Yahtzee & Sorry, and generally just had an amazing time.

M is away this weekend having some boy time, so I'm looking forward to time with the kids. We have a few end of the year parties to attend, I have a long run, and a TON of house stuff to do, as I was out of town this weekend.

Here are some pictures of the fun!

We are going to Las Vegas in July, and I'm extremely excited about it.

Tell me about your BFF(s). How long have you been friends, how did you meet, etc!

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  1. Wow you can see the family resemblance between you & your sister. It sounds like you had a super busy time. My BFF's are two sisters and I so the opposite way round from you. They are fab, in fact one of them has just graduated from university after marrying young and having three kids! Super proud of her. We all met when they moved in next door to my family around 28 years ago! Wow that shocked me when I worked it out! We don't speak all the time as I live 250miles away but no matter how much time passes we just pick up from where we left off and I know they are always there for me. Nicola x