Monday, February 23, 2015

Greetings from Tokyo!

I'm in Tokyo won't be posting much. I have a few goals I'd still like to accomplish this week:

  1. Stay relaxed. I'm not a big international traveler, and this is a very stressful week of really challenging meetings.
  2. Get as much rest as possible. Last time I came home, I was really ill. 
  3. Eat well, & get some exercise!
  4. Enjoy the trip as much as I can. See the three above. ;-)
  5. Use any downtime to clean up my budget & get some personal finances coordinated.
  6. Avoid spending any personal money, save for a small souvenir for the kids. This should be easy.
  7. Figure out our tax plan. This could be an entirely separate post (and will be), but we just heard back from the accountant, and we owe. . . a LOT. We need to both figure out where to come up with the money, as well as make major changes to our withholdings for the year.
  8. Finalize our travel budget for the year. I need to attend a memorial service, and I'm reworking a planned trip that will result in more flights, but is the best thing for the kids. All of this means I need to completely re-look at our 2015 travel budget & make some tradeoffs.

That's all for now, and here's the view from my hotel room!


  1. I hope you are able to stay well for the duration of your trip and when you get back home. I usually end up getting sick.

    1. I managed to avoid getting sick! I'm definitely tired, but so happy that I didn't bring home the flu, like last time. It's helped the jet lag tremendously. :-)

  2. Hope you have a good trip, get plenty of rest and the transition back home is an easy one.

    1. Thanks! I'm back, and after a few nights of good sleep (11 hours on Friday!), I'm feeling almost back to normal. We'll see how I feel tomorrow, when I have to be up at my normal 5:30 ;-)