Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Yearly Budget Spending - 10% of the way there

I've never used yearly budget categories before, so I'm still experimenting with ways to track & report. I figure that a checkin every 10% of the year might work. Either way, I figure there will be peaks & valleys, as many of the yearly categories are spiky (travel, for example).

Okay, so my total budget for the yearly categories is $46,250. As you can see, we've spent just over $4,100, with the majority of that being the boys college fund. In fact, given tuition pricing, we'll probably hold at that amount for the year. However, we have quite a bit of expensive travel stuff to book for the summer, so I'm expecting a giant jump in travel as I book flights, etc. With 10% of the year elapsed, we've spent about 9% of your yearly budget, so we're trending just under our planned spending. Again, I don't anticipate that we'll close the year far under budget (this budget was mean to be pretty accurate & I used last year's numbers to calculate), but I haven't started buying any of our summer air fares yet.

TotalsBudgetActualPercent SpentPercent Year Elapsed
Boys (All)100034.583.46%10.96%
Boys Activities400000.00%10.96%
Boys College2500240896.32%10.96%
Clothing (All)2000481.1424.06%10.96%

I'll also have to watch the categories where we're trending way up. The majority of the clothing spend was for the boys soccer uniforms. I do have a few things I bought for myself that I'll be returning. On the gifts side, M & I went out for dinner for my birthday (and he bought me tulips), so that plus the boys birthdays is listed in that spending category. I'll really have to keep my eye on health (no more races!)

What about you? Do you track your yearly spending? How often do you assess your spending against your budget? 


  1. If you are saving for Hawaii AND a CA house, you should monetize your blog. I am making a whopping 3 cents a day on mine, but over 20 years, that would pay for a nice doormat at your CA house (assuming inflation). :-)

  2. We do not track yearly. We kind of track bi-monthly, but only in as much as not overspending within a certain level. There are monthly savings categories and then the rest is just kept within a certain amount. My husband likes to feel like w have a little extra and this is the best way to not nickel and dime ourselves. We both feel too restrictive. I amazed at those that can track like that though!