Monday, February 9, 2015

Menu Plan Monday

It's a short week for us this week, as we'll be out of town. This is probably our most boring menu ever! :-) Here's what we'll be eating:

  • Monday - Tacos & homemade guacamole
  • Tuesday - out to dinner for my birthday!
  • Wednesday - Leftover tacos & guacamole
  • Thursday - grab something before the airport. I'm thinking Pizza My Heart - the kiddos favorite!
  • Friday - eating at the indoor water park with my sister. Pizza. Maybe no airport pizza on Thursday, in that case.
  • Saturday - eating at my parents house. I think my dad is making lasagna. Yum.
  • Sunday - party for the kids birthday. Pizza. No joke. I think I'm seeing a pattern here! 
  • Monday - flying back from Portland. Whatever we do for dinner, I can promise you, it won't be PIZZA! :-)
What's on your menu this week? I swear, we normally do pizza like twice/month. It's not a regular thing to have it multiple times in a week. ;-) Are you also pizza lovers? The boys could eat it every day & not grow tired of it. 


  1. My hubs is of Italian heritage. He could eat pasta/pizza every meal. Seriously. you don't want to know what a helping of either looks like in his world. lolz

    My kids back in the day could live on chicken fingers and pizza....and tacos, and the eldest had an obsession with French toast sticks.

    1. Yep, chicken fingers, pizza & tacos would be the perfect menu for the boys, if I left them to their own devices. ;-)

  2. We don't eat pizza often because none of us love it. Once every couple of months.

    Happy early Birthday! I hope your trip is wonderful and you get to relax a bit.