Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lovely Sunday

The weather is terrible (I'm really not used to three days of downpours anymore ;-)), but it's been a nice, relatively relaxing Sunday. The boys have had a crazy whirlwind of activities over the past few weekends: 8 sports practices, four games, and two different team picture events in a week. I'm exhausted!

I learned a very valuable lesson about scheduling multiple sports per season per kid. Basically, I'll never do it again! :-)

M & I did get to do a date night last night (early birthday dinner for me, and Valentine's day combo) & it was such a fun & fabulous night. Amazing fun, great drinks, fun company . . . :-) Loved it! We really need to start doing date nights every three weeks, instead of once a month. I have a lot of work traveling coming up, so I feel guilty having evenings just with M when I'm already missing out on kid time. But, dates are so important for a healthy marriage.

I'm looking forward to a short week - we leave for Portland on Thursday evening, and will be spending a few days with my family. We're taking the boys to an indoor water park resort for their birthdays with my nephews (yes, my sister & I spend Valentine's Day together at an indoor water park with our four boys. . . so romantic!). Then my parents are throwing the boys a family birthday party, and we're flying back. I get to see a few people we haven't seen in 18 months -  so excited!

I went for a walk (in the rain - I'm so Seattle :-)), did yoga, made cookies, took four boys to soccer practice, started packing for the weekend, and did an enormous mound of laundry. I'm making blackened tilapia and rice for dinner (yum!) and pairing it with my favorite wine. M got me six bottles of my favorite "fancy" wine. He knows me very well.

That's about all that's happening here! The boys are growing like weeds, and eating so much I just can't believe it. Maybe it's all of those sports. ;-)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!