Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Goals - Recap

It's that time again! Time to set new goals for the month, and check to see how the previous month went. More on the February goals shortly. :-)


  • Set up meeting with financial planner - Hmmm, kind of? We have someone selected, but now are thinking about going with a hybrid solution on a referral from a coworker. We will get something sorted soon!
  • Max out 2015 401K with bonus money - Yes!! Done. :-) 
  • Figure out boys college accounts (potentially the Utah 529 plan) - I've put the 2015 contributions in, and we need to investigate switching for 2016 & beyond. Waiting for guidance from the financial planner.
  • Stick to our budget - Mostly? A more detailed post on this is coming!
  • Fund our yearly budget categories with remaining bonus money - Yes, all of the money is saved, and put away for either taxes, or yearly bonus stuff. Should know more about the taxes soon.
  • Start gathering stuff for our accountant - Yes! I have a big inventory/matrix, and a few missing documents that I'm tracking down. 
  • Plan two fun family outings - Yes! We did the movies a couple of times. We wanted to ski, but the weather has been way too warm for skiing. 
  • Figure out February week off. Looking at skiing. - This is planned!
  • Get my youngest to try two new foods. - Yes! He has a tracker that he's using, and I think he's tried six new foods in January. Which, is huge for him. I don't think he's liked any of it, but so excited that he's finally trying new things. :-) 

  • Lose 2 pounds - Let's see. I did actually almost lose it in the first few weeks. I had a very difficult week when our team was in town & I had three dinners out & no chances to work out. I did end up losing one pound, and feel like I'm in much better shape than I was at the end of the year. I can tell the difference in the way my jeans are starting to fit. :-) 
  • Track my food/exercise - Yes!
  • Run 20 miles - Yes - 35 miles!
  • Complete 700 minutes of cardio - I wasn't tracking this very carefully earlier in the month, but I finished at 665 minutes. Bummer, because one more workout would have done the trick!
  • Complete 8 strength workouts & 8 stretching workouts - Well, thanks to my pushups challenge, I completed 20 strength workouts, but only one stretching workout. Must work on a better balance in February. (Literally & figuratively :-))

  • Better consolidate my evening meetings - I've definitely been making progress. I have some new people on my team, and some folks have switched managers, so still need to add all of those meetings to my calendar. It's a work in progress for sure!
  • Find 2 days/week that I can work out during the day - Yes! I'm so happy that I made it a priority, and it's now on my calendar for Monday & Wednesday mornings. 

Giving back
  • Look into volunteering at the school once in January - I didn't actually volunteer in January, but I did find a flexible volunteering option at the boys school, and signed up for monthly slots on the calendar. I also found out that my employer gives me 20 hours off/year for volunteering, and reimburses the volunteering agency $10/hour for my time. I'm VERY excited about getting to spend time at the boys school, doing something good/giving back, and that I get non-vacation hours to spend on it!! 
  • Set up charitable contribution increase - Done!
  • Sort through our three hall closets (aka, where junk goes to die). Declutter, organize, etc. - Yes!!! I did way more than this & cleaned out a bunch of junk. Woohoo! I also managed to find three items to sell on eBay & made $255, plus sold some old skis for $75. 
  • Plan/book date night with M - Yes!
  • Do something social with a friend. Maybe a hike. - I had a bunch of social work stuff this month, which doesn't count as "friend time", but took up a bunch of my personal time. 
  • Read 5 books. - I think I read 4, but I honestly lost track. 
  • Try a new recipe (with a focus on something that my youngest will actually eat) - I did make a great tilapia recipe (and roasted carrots), but my youngest ended up at a sleepover, so he didn't try them. But, recipes were tried. :-) 

Okay, that's it! I feel really pretty good about January. How about you? How was your month?

For the rest of the day, I have big plans to: run, do yoga, complete my strength challenges, make muffins, watch the Superbowl, & potentially returning/exchanging a workout top. Wild & crazy first day of February! :-) What are you up to today?


  1. I will work on financial stuff, clean the floors here and get snow and shovel it. whoopee! lol

  2. We are preparing now for our Super Bowl party later! Should be fun!