Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekly spending report - 1/26-2/1/15

Another week, more spending! :-) Here's what we spent last week:

  • Monday - no spend day
  • Tuesday - no spend day
  • Wednesday - no spend day
  • Thursday - no spend day 
  • Friday - 
    • $115.59 - Amazon for birthday gifts for the boys. I'll get back $100 of this from my mom.
    • $495 for the nanny
    • $1376 - boys college accounts. We've now completed our planned 2015 contributions!
    • $71.60 - new running pants & top for me. New jeans for the oldest kiddo. I'll see if I like the workout stuff. I loathe the mall these days, but about half the stuff doesn't work out & goes back.
  • Saturday - 
    • $9.62 - Trader Joes for more soccer snacks. We somehow ended up with all of our soccer/basketball snack bringing rotations in the past few weeks. We should be off the hook now. :-)
    • $33.85 - Gas
    • $5.49 - groceries. A friend asked if we could keep their son for dinner, due to a travel snafu. It wasn't a problem, but we were having cheeseburgers for dinner (already prepped) & their son keeps kosher. So, off to the store to pick up veggie burgers & fries for his meal.
    • $11.01 - Rite Aid for cleaning supplies. Our cleaning lady was out of town. She brings all of her own supplies, and we didn't replace ours that we had to toss during our move.  I suppose the $11 is cheaper than what we pay the cleaning lady, so it was a net win! ;-)
    • $156.09 - Costco, groceries
    • $28.27 - Costco, beer for the big game
    • $53.91 - insurance for M during his car racing experience (his Christmas gift). I reminded him multiple times to bring his insurance card, but . . . well, he forgot. Sigh
  • Sunday
    • $47.96 - Gap Kids. Everyone has grown out of everything! Both boys have put on 10 pounds & grown substantially taller, so we're in the position of replacing pajamas, pants, etc. 
    • $25.21 - Trader Joes - snacks for the big game. To be fair, I always make my own appetizers, but I felt horrible on Sunday (fevers, chills, etc) & just wasn't up to it. I bought pre-made appetizers for everyone. 
Total spend for the week = $2429!!! The two big outliers were the college savings and the nanny. Excluding those two, we spent $558 - a much more normal number. :-)

Okay, how about you? How did you do on your weekly spending? 

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