Sunday, December 13, 2015

Menu Plan Sunday + What's Happening Today

We fly out on Wednesday for our holiday festivities, so doing a bit of a longer menu plan this week.

  • Sunday (12/13): Ravioli & kebabs (freezer)
  • Monday (12/14): Homemade macaroni & cheese & grilled chicken (freezer)
  • Tuesday (12/15): Team dinner. M & the kids having leftover pizza.
  • Wednesday (12/16): Adults - eggplant & pasta. Kids - meatballs & pasta.
  • Thursday (12/17): Chicken & rice
  • Friday (12/18): Risotto with roasted brussels sprouts
  • Saturday (12/19): May go out while looking at Christmas lights. If not, Persian feast (rice, kebabs, yogurt, etc)
  • Sunday (12/20): homemade pizza
  • Monday (12/21):
  • Tuesday (12/22):
  • Wednesday (12/23): out with my family
  • Thursday (12/24): pajama pizza party for Christmas Eve!
  • Friday (12/25): Beer tasting & appetizer party
  • Saturday (12/26): Leftovers from our vacation house freezer. It will be a mystery until we arrive. ;-) Likely spaghetti & meatballs
  • Sunday (12/27): Ditto above!
  • Monday (12/28): Family is reconvening at my house with my nephews. Haven't decided on a menu yet, but we'll likely grill something (burgers, fish, etc) with pasta, salad, etc.
  • Tuesday (12/29): Pizza, salad, karaoke party before we head back.
  • Wednesday (12/30): Traveling. Likely Chipotle on our way home from the airport.
  • Thursday (12/31): Steak, some sort of potatoes, asparagus, & ice cream.

It's going to be a crazy fun few weeks! I'm getting excited for the holidays & time with family. :-)

Here's what's on my list for today as well:
  1. Run
  2. Yoga
  3. Squats
  4. Wash all rugs
  5. Wash all sheets
  6. Coordinate plans for next week when our nanny is out of town. Lots of emails to send.
  7. Work on 2016 budget.
  8. Check/card for cleaning lady
  9. Mail DMV tags
  10. Update December budget 
  11. If everyone behaves & cooperates, taking the kids to the arcade this afternoon (got bumped from Thanksgiving weekend)
  12. Sam has a friend coming over
  13. Late indoor soccer game (Sam)
  14. Glaze bread for Christmas
  15. Clean fridge/freezer

I love weekends. :-) How about you? What's on your list for today?


  1. It's going to hit 65F here or thereabouts so I am going into the garage to clean/organize and tidy up. Then it's finishing the Xmas cards so I can mail them on Monday, 2 loads of laundry, a quick run up to R-A, decorating the tree and pulling together another load to take to Salvation Army. Busy busy here too today. ;-)

    1. We're having reverse weather. It was 35 here in California this morning. Unusually cold. I'm loving it! :-) Hope you had a productive weekend - sounds like a lot on your agenda

  2. For me, it is quilting, quilting, quilting. I have to take the fastest shower ever, then go to the symphony with my husband. I plan on drinking quite a bit of wine, then passing out when we get home. I would rather have your schedule - at least it would shake things up!

    1. I hope the symphony was fabulous! And, always a big fan of wine & falling asleep early. That's my regular weekend plan. ;-) two glasses of wine, followed by 9 pm bed time. Party.Animal! :-)

  3. It was business as usual for me... Housework, sewing, kids stuff, etc... But very relaxed and I got to spend my entire weekend at home so I'm feeling refreshed & ready to tackle a new week! :)

    1. Love weekends like that! Hope you are having a great week

  4. Hi - New to your blog, wondering why it's called "the Hawaii plan"? guessing it's because you plan to move to Hawaii someday? Can you tell us newcomers a little about yourself as I don't see anything in your profile. Looks like you live in Northern Ca and are a Seattle transplant. Thanks!